Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As the first swallow sang

 My family is beautiful. I mean that with the up most sincerity.
This woman above isn't my real family: in the sense that we aren't related by anything genetic. But she's the closest thing to a sister that i'll ever have in my life. I grew up as an only child. It wasn't exactly a lonely time: I had friends. But there's a bond between siblings that seems to be unbreakable. I always wanted that with someone, and I found it in Samantha. She's my best friend and room mate. When you see pictures of me, she's the one behind the camera. She's my closest confident, and my Captain of the s'more makers.
I'm an avid sucker for a pretty face. You can ask anyone: it's a fact. So when a beautiful tortoise shell kitty arrived at my doorstep, 5 weeks pregnant, I couldn't possibly say no. What arrived in my life was something I could never have fathomed: tiny bears that only resemble cats. Above are Riku and Sora. Are they both named after Kingdom Hearts characters? Maybe. It all depends if you're going to judge me for it. If you're wondering, Riku is a Linx Siamese, and Sora is a Tigerstripe with brown eyes. But it's my belief that they're actually baby bears who will one day grow up and eat me in the night. I love these two little hell raisers more than I could possibly imagine. It's astounding what a cute face will do.
My biological family will hopefully be included later. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting photographs together, but I'll think of something.
Until next time, plant your kisses where the wild berries grow.
-Trina Belle

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