Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Inspiration: Chevron Moccasins

I ADORE moccasin shoes. It is my opinion that they are the comfiest shoes ever. Not to mention, moccasins have so much potential. So when I saw this tutorial from Sincerely Kinsey, I fell completely in love. She painted the tops of old moccasins to re-ignite them a bit, and make them like new.
Above are moccasins that Kinsey restyled. My colors are a little bit different, and my design is not nearly as clean as hers is, considering that I had zero masking tape around.
I may try this tutorial again when I do have some masking tape at my disposal, but I do like how they turned out! My moccasins came from my local America's Thrift Store for 99 cents. These moccasins add a pop of color to any outfit, but make sure that if you choose to rock them that it's with more muted colors: if you pattern clash with these, don't say I didn't tell you that you'll end up on the people of wal mart site.
Until next time, remember: If we could all say we're sorry
Give up all awkward tomorrows
Finding nothing more to argue.
-Trina Belle

P.S.: Check out Sincerely Kinsey if you haven't already. Her blog is great :)

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