Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Trends of 2011

We're only in 2011 for a couple more days! I thought I'd take the opportunity to make my last post of 2011 to reflect on the trends I've stuck to for the last year. I don't know if they'll change as drastically as they did previously, but I thought a look into my own personal style would help me reflect this time next year. So here it is, my top trends of 2011.

1: Brown leather

Last year, I was completely obsessed with leather. But this year, I just wasn't feeling all my black boots anymore, or any of my black leather for that matter. The only exception was my charcoal pleather jacket, which I'm still very fond of. I switched completely to brown leather for pretty much everything. There's just something natural about it that I fell in love with. It's just a softer look than black leather tends to be.

2: Fringe and Feathers

When I was a a little girl, my first movie theater movie ever was Pocahontas. She was the only princess that looked a little bit like me: dark hair, brown eyes, crazy tan. I think that sparked my love for fringe and feathers. But when I got older, that love died out. Over the summer, I found it again! I think this is definitely something that I'll carry into 2012 with me.

3: Oversized Sweaters

I bought my first Urban Outfitters item this year: it was the BDG grandpa cardigan. I fell in love with the piece, and instantly went hunting for more. That sweater has since shrunk in the laundry (you should have seen me. I was hysterical.) but I still love the look of a loose sweater. 

4: Native American Jewelry

I was always a turquoise fan. I had several pieces when I was a little girl, but around 4th grade I decided they were too grown up for me. So I gave them to my mother. Over the last year, I've been an eBay fiend for this jewelry, and have gathered a few amazing pieces. Recently my mother even gave me my turquoise jewelry back. I wear rings everyday, and many of them are this style. 

5: Floral Print

Bow down to the almighty floral print, for you are not worthy. I have become OBSESSED with floral over the last six months. I couldn't stop buying it, nor could I stop wearing it. Now that summer has died, most of my floral dresses have to be paired with heavy stockings and coats. But I'm still a floral fiend, even in winter. 

6: Raw Stone Jewelry

There's something mystical about straight stones. They're beautiful, and made that way through nature. It's just incredible. I love wearing raw stone jewelry, and I got two beautiful pieces for Christmas that I just haven't gotten around the pictures for. 

7: Long Hair

I had long hair when I was about 6. I mean it was to my waist. But when I was 12, I broke my finger in a door, and had a really hard time washing it. So I decided to shop it all off. It proceeded to get super curly, and super short. Last year I went off to college, and decided that going to a salon was just another expense I didn't want to put on my parents. So I started growing it. It's grown about 10 inches since I started, but with the curl, it's still just getting to my chest. (I straightened it the other day. It was insane.) Needless to say, I am having some extreme hair lust over these ladies. Hopefully by this time next year, my hair will be this long.

8: Oxfords

 I've gotten mega obsessed with these adorable little shoes over the past year. I own at least three pairs, in various colors, and wear them constantly. They match pretty much any garment, and they're so easy to take on and off. Not to mention how cute they make feet look. 

9: Native Print

Okay, can I just start by saying I want literally everything in these three pictures. Native American print is probably one of my absolute favorite things ever. It's a smidge hard to find though: at least it's hard to find inexpensive. Forever 21 just picked up the trend however, and they have some awesome pieces for under 40 dollars. 

10: Vintage Elements

I've always been a little old on the inside. I would go through my grandmother's jewelry cabinet and try on her old hats. I've been an antique store lurker, and a thrift store searcher. Small elements of vintage really tie outfits together for me. A couple of days ago I actually just found my favorite vintage sunglasses in the back of my cabinet. I thought I'd lost them somewhere in my dorm. I was so excited, it was crazy. 

There you have it! My favorite trends of the year. It'll be fun to reflect on this next year, to see how they've changed. Until next time, always remember, never surrender.

-Trina Belle

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