Thursday, December 22, 2011

How does one catch a dream?

I love dream catchers. Ever since I was little, I've always slept better with one above my head. I know, I know, it sounds corny. At least I know I'm corny. Anyway, I've recently moved into an apartment for college. By recently, I mean like, 6 months ago. Still, it's my first living space that isn't controlled by parents or college officials. Which means I get to decorate!! So when I found this AMAZING tutorial from Lune Vintage I was freaking thrilled. I love the cool kind of look that the doily gives to the traditional dream catcher. I had to try it out.
I did, and couldn't believe how much I loved the result. I had a really hard time finding the doilies, which I couldn't believe. I live on the TN/GA border. Isn't that supposed to be granny knit central? The doilies that I finally found came from my local thrift store. I got two like the one above, an they are HUGE. Probably about 10in across. The feathers on this one are all from a duck pond right next to my house. All naturally shed and what not. It looks so great in the room, and they really make me feel at home in this new place.
This one I just finished today!! The hoop was much smaller, so it was easier to wrap. But the doily was long ago part of some other decoration, an was probably brushed with some glue, because, holy crap. It is stiff as a board. It was too rainy today to get more feathers from the pond, so instead, I used an imitation eagle feather from hobby lobby. I made the tassels from left over yarn. (Tutorial here)
If you're a dream catcher freak like I am, try this!! It's actually super easy, an just takes a whole lot of time. They make beautiful wall art, and they're a great way to take up some empty space in a room without making it too cluttered. I still have three doilies to make into dream catchers, so I'll probably post more later.
Until next time, come see the vampires of New York.

-Trina Belle

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