Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tale as Old as Time

This is the first of maybe 3 updates, so stick with me :)
Beauty and the Beast is a big deal in my life. It's always been a beautiful movie to me, but I'm not the big fan in my life: Samantha, my best friend and room mate, and Kayla, my great friend and first class hoe, are probably the biggest Beauty and the Beast freaks I've ever come into contact with. And who wouldn't be? Such a cute movie. I mean just look at that romance. 
 (Photoshop? What's that?)
For Christmas this year, I came to the sour realization that I couldn't afford to buy everyone pretty things. So I decided to make the presents I gave away. I wasn't finished with anyone's BY Christmas however. So for some, it's going to be more of a Christmas in July thing.
But I finally finished Kayla's Christmas/Birthday present. Since Samantha was painting the portrait of Prince Adam for her, I decided to make my own little Beauty and the Beast prop.

If you're Disney inept, or not recent on Beauty and the Beast, my model was below.
This is the enchanted rose/hourglass that the witch gave to Prince Adam when he called her an ugly tramp and told her to get off his property before he called the cops. Maybe I need to re watch the movie, just to get the direct dialogue. But you get the idea.
I really do love handmade gifts. Buying things for anyone, pre made or otherwise is always a sweet thought.
If you're wondering how I made this, it was way too easy to even make into a tutorial. You know those dome clocks from goodwill? I found one for 7 dollars, unscrewed the clock from the bottom, super glued petals on the base, glued the rose to in the base form another hole, and then super glued the dome to the base. If you can't find a dome clock, Hobby Lobby has some awesome little pedestals like this for a pretty low price too. My nice pink Rose came from Micheals. It's not a perfect depiction, but I'm please with how it came out.
Until next time, remove your decking form the halls. Seriously, take your lights down. 

- Trina Belle

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