Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tattoo lust

I've been a sheltered kid for most of my adolescence. When I got to college, I did my version of "going wild". I dyed the front portion of my hair pink and purple, got my nose pierced, and stretched my ears up to a six. I know. I am one crazy motor bike. All of the changes that I made over the last year were definitely changes that I wanted for myself, but after freshman year, I chilled out a lot. My style changed from a Rockabilly goth to an indie raga-muffin. I cut my side swept bangs to a straight cut, and got my hair back to it's original color. Now I'm growing it out, hopefully to my waist or so. But there's one type of rebellious body art that I still haven't participated in. Tattoos.
They've gone more mainstream, but they are definitely not for everyone. The two pictured above are hopefully two that I will get in the next year. I've always been hesitant to get something inked onto my body for life, but I have been thinking about these tattoos for quite a while. I used to want entire sleeves. But now, I want small, meaningful tattoos. The feathers are for my Cherokee heritage. In Native American lore, feathers are signs of honor and wild nature. It is protective against bad thoughts, as it knows which kinds to release and take in. That's why feathers are used on dream catchers: they know bad dreams from good. The anchor is something I've been considering for a long time. It doesn't mean anything specific to me, but I think it may have in a former existence.

The tattoo to the right is a small hummingbird, which I believe is on the shoulder. I love this tattoo on so many levels, because I love hummingbirds. I think they're so freaking cool to watch, because they don't fly: they vibrate. When we were in our old house, my mom used to always hang hummingbird feeders filled with sugar water. If you were lucky, you could sometimes see these strange little needle beaked creatures drinking hunger away. It was so cool. If I did get a hummingbird, I don't think I would do the back of the shoulder: maybe the front. The tattoo on the left is a small arrow tattoo. I love solid black arrows, and i love the idea of an inner finger tattoo. The arrow tattoo I'm pining after would most certainly be on my foot, on the very edge, pushed against my toes.
Do you have tattoos? Share! What's the meaning? Where are they? Did it hurt like hell?
Until next time, remember: I love you like a starfish loves the salty water
Like a selfish daughter.
-Trina Belle

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