Thursday, December 22, 2011

Then the moon elbowed the stars

My new apartment has given me reason to decorate. I decorated my dorm, but I had to share the room with my room mate. Now I have my OWN room, and can put all the tacky decorations up that I want. I just posted about my dream catcher fetish, so I figured I might show some of the other things from my room.

These two are recent finished products: I'm on winter break and kind of got stung with the creativity bug. Mostly out of boredom. I won't lie to myself. The word painting is from a promotional double canvas pack from Hobby Lobby. It was really inexpensive, and I was excited! I splattered a few colors on the canvases, and then used some word stencil letters and spray painted over them. They're still crooked, despite my best efforts to make them not crooked. I don't have a level, so the wall is kind of at my mercy.
The birdie painting I did just today! I had some left over matte board, and I needed something to go over my mirror, and love the cute little birds on a stick silhouette.
This is an older piece that I finished when we first moved into the new place. I saw a ton of these melted crayon art pieces floating around the internet, and decided my room needed some color and my hair dryer needed some abuse. This was a really easy one to make, but it was such a mess!!! I got colored wax all over my bathroom.
Last but not least, is my tiny song-lyric needlepoint. My thrift store has bags full of fabric, yarn, and other crafty stuff. This little needlepoint kit was in one of the bags I picked up. It was supposed to be a little candy cane for Christmas, and at first I thought about throwing it out. But then I thought I'd try some needlepointing. No, it's not a word. Don't hate. I found some Au Revoir Simone lyrics that I loved, and stitched them on. It's really small, but I like it a lot :)
Thanks so much for checking out a few of my decorations! I'll add some more later on. Until next time, let your house turn into paper cranes and watch it fly away.

-Trina Belle

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