Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY: Stitched Clutch

Last post for today: I swear. Yesterday I went over to one of my favorite thrift spots, and picked up this adorable little purse. It was a mustardy yellow, kind of pleathery. I loved the purse, hated the strap: when it comes to straps, I want the drop down to my waist or not at all. This one  just barely fit over my shoulder. I decided to chop off the strap, and go with a chunky clutch. I had some left over yarn from another thrift haul, and I decided to stitch something on the bag. I pulled a little inspiration from this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess (another AMAZING blog, btw). But instead of a bud or leaf pattern, I went with more of a picture.
I decided on a pair of mounted antlers. I'm a bit antler obsessed this winter, and I thought this would be a perfect thing to stitch onto a clutch. And I must say, I'm smitten with the final product. If you're interested in having one of these yourself, stay tuned for the tutorial :)


-Thrifted or older clutch that you're okay with possibly messing up
-Embroidery needle with a large eye
-Thick thread in your chosen colors
-A picture for reference

After that it's pretty self explanatory. I did my design free hand, but if you're new to needle point then you may want to just tack a pattern onto your bag with a fine point pen or something. Also, if you're planning mounted deer antlers, make sure you mirror it on both sides so it doesn't look misshapen. Make your design as big or as small as you want! Don't feel boxed in by the antler idea: if it's not your thing, try a floral pattern or even a favorite saying. The possibilities are endless. I hope you try this tutorial out :)
Until next time, sometimes summer wears away
when we want to see the sky.

-Trina Belle

DIY Inspiration: Chevron Moccasins

I ADORE moccasin shoes. It is my opinion that they are the comfiest shoes ever. Not to mention, moccasins have so much potential. So when I saw this tutorial from Sincerely Kinsey, I fell completely in love. She painted the tops of old moccasins to re-ignite them a bit, and make them like new.
Above are moccasins that Kinsey restyled. My colors are a little bit different, and my design is not nearly as clean as hers is, considering that I had zero masking tape around.
I may try this tutorial again when I do have some masking tape at my disposal, but I do like how they turned out! My moccasins came from my local America's Thrift Store for 99 cents. These moccasins add a pop of color to any outfit, but make sure that if you choose to rock them that it's with more muted colors: if you pattern clash with these, don't say I didn't tell you that you'll end up on the people of wal mart site.
Until next time, remember: If we could all say we're sorry
Give up all awkward tomorrows
Finding nothing more to argue.
-Trina Belle

P.S.: Check out Sincerely Kinsey if you haven't already. Her blog is great :)

Tattoo lust

I've been a sheltered kid for most of my adolescence. When I got to college, I did my version of "going wild". I dyed the front portion of my hair pink and purple, got my nose pierced, and stretched my ears up to a six. I know. I am one crazy motor bike. All of the changes that I made over the last year were definitely changes that I wanted for myself, but after freshman year, I chilled out a lot. My style changed from a Rockabilly goth to an indie raga-muffin. I cut my side swept bangs to a straight cut, and got my hair back to it's original color. Now I'm growing it out, hopefully to my waist or so. But there's one type of rebellious body art that I still haven't participated in. Tattoos.
They've gone more mainstream, but they are definitely not for everyone. The two pictured above are hopefully two that I will get in the next year. I've always been hesitant to get something inked onto my body for life, but I have been thinking about these tattoos for quite a while. I used to want entire sleeves. But now, I want small, meaningful tattoos. The feathers are for my Cherokee heritage. In Native American lore, feathers are signs of honor and wild nature. It is protective against bad thoughts, as it knows which kinds to release and take in. That's why feathers are used on dream catchers: they know bad dreams from good. The anchor is something I've been considering for a long time. It doesn't mean anything specific to me, but I think it may have in a former existence.

The tattoo to the right is a small hummingbird, which I believe is on the shoulder. I love this tattoo on so many levels, because I love hummingbirds. I think they're so freaking cool to watch, because they don't fly: they vibrate. When we were in our old house, my mom used to always hang hummingbird feeders filled with sugar water. If you were lucky, you could sometimes see these strange little needle beaked creatures drinking hunger away. It was so cool. If I did get a hummingbird, I don't think I would do the back of the shoulder: maybe the front. The tattoo on the left is a small arrow tattoo. I love solid black arrows, and i love the idea of an inner finger tattoo. The arrow tattoo I'm pining after would most certainly be on my foot, on the very edge, pushed against my toes.
Do you have tattoos? Share! What's the meaning? Where are they? Did it hurt like hell?
Until next time, remember: I love you like a starfish loves the salty water
Like a selfish daughter.
-Trina Belle

As the first swallow sang

 My family is beautiful. I mean that with the up most sincerity.
This woman above isn't my real family: in the sense that we aren't related by anything genetic. But she's the closest thing to a sister that i'll ever have in my life. I grew up as an only child. It wasn't exactly a lonely time: I had friends. But there's a bond between siblings that seems to be unbreakable. I always wanted that with someone, and I found it in Samantha. She's my best friend and room mate. When you see pictures of me, she's the one behind the camera. She's my closest confident, and my Captain of the s'more makers.
I'm an avid sucker for a pretty face. You can ask anyone: it's a fact. So when a beautiful tortoise shell kitty arrived at my doorstep, 5 weeks pregnant, I couldn't possibly say no. What arrived in my life was something I could never have fathomed: tiny bears that only resemble cats. Above are Riku and Sora. Are they both named after Kingdom Hearts characters? Maybe. It all depends if you're going to judge me for it. If you're wondering, Riku is a Linx Siamese, and Sora is a Tigerstripe with brown eyes. But it's my belief that they're actually baby bears who will one day grow up and eat me in the night. I love these two little hell raisers more than I could possibly imagine. It's astounding what a cute face will do.
My biological family will hopefully be included later. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting photographs together, but I'll think of something.
Until next time, plant your kisses where the wild berries grow.
-Trina Belle

Soaking from a warm goodbye

I'm Katrina: Generation Y, Tennessee native, incense addict. This is the first blog post I've ever made so, bear with me. I've never been that good at talking about myself. The truth of the matter, is that I want to publish this blog so badly because I've been so inspired over the past few months by bloggers around the internet. I never understood how much of an inspiration these pages can be to other people. I know I may never achieve that kind of following, but it's my hope that someone likes what I do here. I'm going to try and get a DIY post up in the next few days, and hopefully get a full outfit post. I take pictures at super crappy angles, so it may take a few tries. I don't know if anyone will ever read this. If you do, then thank you: I'll always have a special place in my heart for you.

-Trina Belle