Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Remake: Astrology Hand

I love Urban Outfitters. I'm not going to lie. It's my guilty pleasure. There is just so much cute crap on that site, I can't even....afford it. It's drained my bank account more than once. Was I there at 7 AM on Black Friday? ....Maybe. (yes) 
Anyway. I saw this adorable item long ago. And then I found it. In the thrift store dive. A porcelain white jewelry hand with no defects. For a dollar fifty. It was like a halleluiah chorus. I had to do it. I just had to.

I used the Urban Outfitters model to pretty much a T. I used black acrylic paint, a very small brush for the lines on the hand, and an earring needle for the small details/words. I love how it looks in the room. Can you spot it?
It's like a game of where's waldo. 
This is the view of my room from my bed. I have pretty much covered my entire wall. 
I love finding new ways to display jewelry, and I was so excited to have one of these hands for my own. I think the fact that I painted it just makes it more special to me. 
That's all for now. Until next time, you're supposed to be having the time of your life.
-Trina Belle

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