Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hippie-hippie shake

Shirt: Hand bleach DIYed
Shawl: Target
Jeans: Thrift
Moccasins: Thrift
Rings: Vintage
Headband: DIY
Triangle Necklace: Leo in Chattanooga
Other necklaces: Vintage
Sunglasses: Vintage

Yesterday I piled on my heaps of accessories and went to an opera that Samantha's been designing costumes for. It's called Treemonisha, and I have to say, that Chattanooga Choral society did an amazing job. They sold out!
Before we could get in, however, we had to wait for someone to unlock the wardrobe room. So we waited outside, ate a loaf of bread from Niedlovs, and acted like idiots.
This butterfly batwing shawl is quickly becoming one of my favorite layers. Everything at Target is on really awesome sale right now. I think I may see if my mom can take me later. Fingers crossed!
I love this look: and it was actually weather appropriate! We've already gotten over winter in Tennessee, and the sun has come back. Which is amazing considering how much snow we got last year. I swear, I only saw it thicker when we were in Indiana on a ski trip. So the sunshine is a welcome friend. I styled this outfit differently today: I'm with my parents in Nashville for my dad's birthday.

Dress: Thrift
Belt: Thrift
Shawl: Target
Shoes: Union Bay
Triangle Necklace: Leo in Chattanooga
Sunglasses: Vintage
Headband: DIY

I love how easy you can dress up accessories and pair them with different things. It's important to have a few pieces in your closet that go with a little bit of everything. Key pieces, if you will. If you see it and love it, think for a minute about how many different things you can wear it with, or how many things you have that will match. It's a good checklist to go over when buying pretty much anything.
Until next time, do the hippie shake.
-Trina Belle

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