Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My style icons

I wanted to add a little fun to today's posts. So I think I'll close the day with a post with my top ten style icons. I hope you enjoy :) I will, of course, link to these awesome ladies if they have something specific to link to.

1: Keiko Lynn
(Picture taken from this post)

I won't lie about it. I'm a freak when it comes to Keiko Lynn's blog. Not only is she a great blogger, but oh my god. The clothes. Theclothestheclothestheclothes. She has such a great balance of vintage and designer, and it all meshes together seamlessly to create an amazing outcome. She's definitely a style icon of mine, and a blogging icon as well. 

2: Elsie Larson
(Picture taken from this post)

Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess is adorable. Not only adorable. Adorkable. Zooey Deschanel adorkable. I love that her style mixes a bit of both 60's and 70's. This great vintage sweater looks so amazing on her, I think that it's because what she paired it with. She's a vintage wizard.

3: Mary Kate Olsen
(Picture from Google)

I love Mary Kate Olsen's fashion. I love it. I feel like such a nerd, because I had so much Mary Kate and Ashley clothing when I was super young. And now that I'm 20, she's an icon again. I mean, holy shit, look at her HAIR. If you've read some earlier posts, I have a thing for long hair. Mostly because I'm trying to grow mine out. But I digress. Either way, Mary Kate Olsen is very bohemian, very 60's, and very beautiful. 
4: Laura of Violet Bella
(Picture from this post)

I love Laura's look. I usually don't like the blonde bottoms of a brunette. But I make an exception for this lady. I loved her posted outfits, especially all the native print and the leather elements that she includes.
5: Jill of Lune Vintage
 (Picture from this post)

Her blog definitely has me pining for a trip to Canada. I love all the crochet knits, the moon inspiration, the feathers, and of course, the vintage, that is within her style. And her hair. I need to stop looking at hair. I really do. 
6: Jess of Boho Baby Bump
 (Picture from this page)

How cute is she? I love dreads. I really do. I have a full synthetic dread wig that I steamed by hand. I wore it so much before winter, and I'm sure it'll be back on my head by summer. But even 9 months pregnant, this awesome lady has the gumption to get up and look pretty. That's a shock. My own god child is currently 6 months incubated, and all I'm hearing about is swollen boobs and horror stories. Jess has a great style, in and out of pregnancy. 

7:  Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky
(Photo from here)

I love Elizabeth's awesome ability to layer. She can pack so many different options onto one outfit, and she doesn't even look cluttered. If I attempted an outfit like this, I would look more over accessorized than batman. (Christopher Moore, anyone?) 
She respects the almighty floral, which is only a plus. If you visit her blog, be absolutely sure that you look at her incredible wedding photos! It's one of the cutest wedding albums i've ever seen. 

8:  Faye Dunaway
(Photo from Google)

 Love her or hate her, Faye Dunaway was a fucking STUNNER during her hay day. I mean, look at those eyes! She could shoot you with that piece and not even consider it. Her look back then was classic, and it should still be appreciated today. 

9: Joan Jett
 (Photo from Google) 

Thought I don't rock my black leather as often as I used to, I still love to throw on my huge motorcycle jacket and big sunglasses to feel a little tougher. Black leather actually makes you feel 43% tougher. It's a fact that I just made up. No one rocked it like Joan Jett, in my opinion. She is still as amazing today as she was then.

10: Cher
 (Photo from Google)

Don't get me wrong! I love current Cher. But the way she embraced a piece of herself that she formally found to be a flaw, and turned it into fashion? Kick ass. And did I mention her hair? 

That's all for now. Thanks so much for keeping up with all my blogging today: I know there was  a lot! But I'm glad I finally got to do some posting after a 5 day hiatus. Until next time, live and let live.

-Trina Belle 

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