Sunday, January 29, 2012


Top: Occasion
Skirt: Cirana
Necklace: Leo
Flats: Blowfish
Headband: DIY
Sunglasses: Vintage

I know. I need to stop wearing this headband.
This is a big first for my blog. My first outfit that is completely un-thrifted.
Now don't count me out. It was all purchased at a discount store. But purchased new with tags.
I've become pretty cheap now that I thrift for pretty much all my clothes. But my mom and I went out yesterday, and she is responsible for this haul!
If you've read a few posts of mine, then you know I love native print. I do I do I do. I could akin it to my Cherokee half, but let's be honest. It's not just that.
This lace maxi skirt may be one of my new favorites. It's so comfortable. It's like wearing pajamas.
On an unrelated note, I bought new makeup yesterday! It's a completely new color, and I think it's much much better. I had a much paler color, and it just got pinker and pinker throughout the day. All fingers crossed that this one actually stays tan!
Until next time, step out in the sun.

-Trina Belle

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