Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To live a beautiful life

I'm really sorry I've been completely absent this week. I lost my camera cord throughout transit to and from Florida. It wasn't until today that I realize my camera has an SD card. -facepalm-

I can finally share some of the moments of my grandmother's wake. 
Don't worry. No gruesome pictures.
In typical funerals, a large picture of the family member is blown up to a larger size and put on display. My grandmother was anything but typical, so I decided to take it upon myself to do something different. 
I, along with my mother and aunt, sorted through hundreds of pictures. This was as many that I could fit on the folding board. The others that were left, I put into memorial candle jars, along with some flame less candles. 
I added a few extra things from her jewelry/accessory selection to put a little more of her into it. 
Everyone really enjoyed seeing my grandmother in all the different stages of her life. I think she would have liked it to.
 Pre-board picture.

 My grandmother helping my aunt Anna at her wedding. Aren't they both beautiful?

 My grandmother with my grandfather. It's creepy how much he and my dad look alike.
 Probably my favorite pictures out of the entire board. This is my grandmother from when she was about 16 years old, in an old style photo booth. I'm so glad I took these home. I mean, look at that face.
My mom thinks that we look alike. But I don't think so. I think that she and Anna look the most alike. I mean, just look at them!
It's so amazing to see my grandmother in these pictures. I adore her hair and her dress. My aunt's wedding dress was also BEAUTIFUL. I'm so glad my grandfather was alive long enough to see her get married. 

This was a huge post, but I wanted to do my grandmother, Bobbie Rae Mazza, justice in this collection of memories. I hope you enjoyed the look into my grandmother's beautiful life.
Until next time, stay golden.
-Trina Belle

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