Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This is a small thrift post because I'm trying to control my hauls. 
Today I picked up a couple of records from America's Thrift Store. One is a solid trumpet record, and the other is Swan Lake+Nutcracker. Both were 99 cents. 
My other find of the day was this large stock of 70's floral print fabric. I'm thinking about 3 yards of it? It instantly caught my eye. I'm trying to figure out what kind of dress I want to make it into. It's kind of tough! It was in a bag with some heavy green fabric as well, but I don't think I'll use that for anything nearly as fun. Both fabric sheets were 99 cents.

Samantha's thrift of the day was this kick-ass marching band hat. I think I may borrow it for some photo's soon! If you've read my thrifting tips post, then you know my rule about looking in all cases! This is why! This awesome little article was in a strange black case. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CASES. You never know when a strange yet incredible hat is hiding in them. $6.99

-Trina Belle

Dress Makeover


Goodwill: $3

I'm sorry for the blurry before picture!! It was taken with my phone back in August when I actually bought the dress. 
Now I honestly didn't do too much. I turned the sweet heart neckline into a v-neck by cutting the dress down a little and removing one of the buttons and the space between it. The sleeves came off too, as they were puffy and awkward.
I would like to go a little shorter, but I didn't really have the time or the patience to do so. 
I'm probably going to be posting more of these dress disasters as the summer goes on. 

-Trina Belle

I'm nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody too?

Dress: Thrift+DIY
Hat: Thrift
Triangle Necklace: Leo of Chattanooga
Stone Necklace: Target
Rings: Vintage
Bracelet: Lucky Brand
Belt: Target

I'm Nobody! Who are you? 
Are you – Nobody – too? 
Then there's a pair of us! 
Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know! 

How dreary – to be – Somebody!
 How public – like a Frog –  
To tell one's name – the livelong June – 
 To an admiring Bog!

I love that poem. I would say I like Emily Dickinson, but I won't lie. I think she was a very unahppy person in life, not to mention she probably had a personality disorder. Maybe a social phobia. Don't look at me if I'm wrong, I'm definitely not a doctor. 
In the world of the internet, I'm definitely not somebody. I've only been at blogging for maybe 3 months? I've gotten maybe 500 page views, which is awesome. But I didn't really set out to blog for followers. I know it sounds corny, but I did this for me. My only other wish for this blog is that other people may enjoy it at one point or another. So I'm nobody. Are you nobody too?
I've been a bad bad blogger not posting since Friday. It's just that every time I tried to take pictures, people were either all over the top of the roof, or something more important came up. But I'm glad I finally got some in.
I usually don't do no-sleeves. But I just made this dress over from her original Goodwill state. I got this one a pretty long time ago. Like around August. I really didn't wear it because it was a very not cute style. But I loved the print. I'll do a dress makeover post later so you can see the before and after.
The dress actually looks hand made considering the lack of tags and pro-stitching. 
It's been a long week. And It's my last day as a brunette. I can't wait to show the new hair!
Until next time, be somebody.
-Trina Belle

Friday, February 24, 2012


Undershirt: Spray Shirt DIY
Collared shirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Leggings: ?
Moccasins: Lucky Brand
Rings: Vintage
Necklaces: Target, Urban Outfitters, Vintage, Thrifted
Readers: Urban Outfitters

It was really windy today. I mean like, really windy.
I could say that's why my hair looks a hot mess, but it's not. That's just how it looks. 
This outfit could easily become a lazy day go to for me. It's easy to wear, not too heavy, and comfy comfy. I'll think I'd do it with different hair next time though ;)
I love my new rings. They're from a little vintage store in Chattanooga called Collective Clothing. I love the place, but I feel like I never find anything in there!! I'm glad I found these in here. I actually left one behind that I really wanted. I think I may go back next week and get it. 
Anyway. I got this sweater yesterday. It was a full sweater, but I decided a good cut up the middle would make it more wearable for me. I really loved it because of the distressed look of it. 
I'm a babbly machine today. Too much ADHD medicine!! 
I'll wrap it up before it gets really awkward.
-Trina Belle

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreaming in Red

Well. It's official. No turning back. Well, I guess there is if I really want, but I'm not going to be a chicken shit about this. I'm going to a salon....and....dying my hair.
Now don't get me wrong. I really adore my natural deep brown hair color. But...not in the summer.
I'm a firm believer in light colors for summer, dark for winter. And since spring and summer are apparently coming early in Tennessee, I thought I get a jump on it.
I'm doing something a little different than I've ever done. I'm going full red.
And I don't mean fako, look I dyed my hair red: a natural looking, orange, ginger. 
I'm really hoping that the stylist can accomplish that for me. Fingers crossed! I'm going to someone new, so I'm super nervous. 
I've loved red hair for a long time. 
Remember Rose from Titanic? What am I talking about, of course you do. If you don't, take a moment to flick yourself on the nose. Tsk Tsk.
This is one of my most favorite movies ever. And she has probably the prettiest red hair I've ever seen. I don't think I'd be able to pull off her intense copper toned color, but I'm really excited to get it lightened. 
It won't be for a week. So I have one week to say good bye to my hair.
Until next time, make a change. 

-Trina Belle

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Twisted Thrift

Today I went a'thrifting. It wasn't even planned or thought of. Mostly it was Samantha and me super bored and avoiding sitting at home. On the couch. Doing nothing. 
So I went to a couple of spots. Thrifting in the early week is the best, because new merchandise is almost always added to the floor. Which is irritating because when I have the most time to thrift is obviously the weekend. GRR. 
I got pretty lucky today. Especially considering that I only stopped into 2 stores, one of which was Goodwill. Don't get me wrong!!! I love Goodwill. It's a charity donation store, which always makes me feel a little better about purchasing something from there. But sometimes I feel like I NEVER find anything there. That luckily wasn't the case today, so I figured I'd share.

I love tacky sweaters. I love them. They are a staple in your wardrobe if you'd like to go out looking like a hobo. This blue duck sweater. Dear god. It's so fancy. And warm. $4.

PONCHO PONCHO PONCHO. Someone gave away their pretty green poncho. I need a bonfire to wear this to or something. It's embroidered, and gorgeous, and fancy. And green. $4.

I found this beautiful swan painting in the home section of my favorite thrift store. It's hand painted on a canvas board. I wish the artist had signed it!!! I love when nature is painted this way. I think it's so beautiful. $.79

Non-vintage thrift find!! Cute little floral crop top from Forever 21. It looks like it's been worn maybe once. This is why thrift is so awesome. Because it's new. And CHEAP. $2 cheap.

Last find of the day!! Vintage velvet hat with a braided band. It had a little feather in it, but the feather fell out somewhere between my crazy running around and the checkout. I figure I'll replace it, but whatever. It's still cute. $2.

That's that!! Hope you enjoyed the haul, and as always, thanks for reading.

-Trina Belle

Old Man

Hat: Thritfted vintage Panama Jack
Readers: Urban Outfitters
Undershirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Thrifted
Bag: Mossimo Supply
Tights: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted
Necklace: Leo of Chattanooga

Heavily thrifted outfit+my baby car. She hit her 200,000 mile marker last week. She was a hand me-down from my mommy. I love her. Her name is Jackie.
Anyway. More roof top pictures! I always feel awkward taking pictures pretty much anywhere people are. Mostly because I don't use a photographer, I use a timer. So it looks like I'm a psychopath randomly posing for 10 seconds. But the top of my parking garage? Empty. Zombie apocalypse empty. So if you see this back ground often, that's why. 
Onward! I wanted to try a little layering today, and I've been trying to find different ways to wear this sweater and avoid cutting it. I think I might cut it anyway. Decisions decisions.
I felt so old man today. Maybe because of the giant glasses, the no hair, and the old man hat.
My new purse kicks complete ass. It was a gift from my roomie/bestie Samantha. I want to live inside it. I think about it when it's not around. I'm smitten.
Another blog post coming tonight! I've been slacking off.
Until next time, kiss kiss. 

-Trina Belle

Herp derp.

I need some retail therapy. Outfit post and possible thrift post later.

XO -Trina

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tarzan Mane

Hair: Self made
Readers: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Skirt: Target
Belt: Target
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Ross
Necklace: Forever 21

My tarzan mane. It's back.
This is the first time I've ever shown my dread fall wig on this blog. Which is weird, because I used to wear it all the time. I got a lot of compliments, a lot of looks, and a lot of questions when I wore it last semester. The reason I stopped wearing it so much, is because it's about five extra pounds on my neck! It gets sort of painful if I wear it too many days in a row. And the itchiness. Oh the itchiness.
But it's my lazy-day, go-to, don't-want-to-dry-my-hair, hat. 
I love this wig because I love dread locks. I love the natural ones more than my synthetics, but I also love my hair. I love it too much to let it mat. So I decided last semester to make this wig. I had made synthetic dreads before. Back when I was a rave baby, I made entire sets of multicolored synthetic dread to party in. This particular hair piece took about five days of labor, and about 60 double ended dreads. I love it. 
The rest of the outfit is pretty girly throw-together. I feel that this wig should be worn with something fairly gentle to balance it out.
Until next time, lay in the sunshine. 

-Trina Belle
(PS: Is anyone else noticing the strange glares I'm getting on my photos? I have no idea what it is, nor how to fix it. Has anyone had these problems with the Nikon coolpix l120? Share!)

Monday, February 13, 2012


Shirt: Bleach dye DIY
Cardigan: Walmart
Skirt: Thrift
Scarf: Gift from my grandmother
Belt: Target
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Thrift+DIY

I loved my clothes today. You can't see my lace tights or my oxfords in any of these pictures: I only had like 5 minutes to take them this morning. I was running a tid bit late. But I digress.
I never know what people think when they look at what I'm wearing. No one has ever told me that I look ridiculous or that I need to burn my outfit, but I get my share of looks. Fashion is a statement that we all make ourselves. I would rather look like me than everyone else on my campus. It's just not my scene.
Even so, I don't have a good category to go into. The closest is hipster, but I'm not really good at any of the other hipster activities. (See: pretending to be awesome)
I'd like to say I'm a bohemian: a modern day gypsy. But come on. I'm a master thrifter, but I'm not THAT good. I can't live without TV, or internet, or my phone. I could never live on the land or sleep on the ground in the winter.
I guess that makes me a fauxhemian.
Until next time, bundle up.

-Trina Belle

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Fishtail dress: Thrift+DIY
Dr. Martens: Thrift
Sunglasses: Vintage
Triangle necklace: Leo of Chattanooga
Tunic: Thrift+DIY
Dr. Martens: Thrift
Sweater: Toxico
Sunglasses: Ross

 Samantha so rarely will stand still for me to take a picture of her. She's always moving or acting like a pelican. Oh wait. That's me.
All of these were taken at the top of the parking garage at our college. We're having some work done. A new library to the college is like getting plastic surgery to look like Cher. It costs way too much money and way too much time. The construction has been going on for a while now: at least a year. But they're finally getting some head way on the project. I don't see what was wrong with the old library.
I'm getting some really weird glare on my camera lately. You can see it in a few pictures, but I don't know. Maybe it's being outside.
I loved my outfit today. When I originally bought the dress, I intended to do a short cut all around. But then I had a waterfall skirt and I just couldn't turn it down. Thanks to Sam, who cut it for me, since my arms are short and so am I.
I love Sam's tunic. She described it as Peter Pan if he were female. I told her that wasn't much of a stretch.
Some of the best DIY's come from thrifted dress disasters.
Until next time, kiss a stranger.

-Trina Belle

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Layout!

Whoo! That was tough freaking work. 
I used to be a pro when it came to HTML work. When I was on neopets (yes, I was there, and I was ballin) I could make layouts like a pro. But I've been slacking for a while, and even with provided background code, this was like freaking rocket science. The new banner and the new background are from Cutest Blog on the Block. I tried to use one of their super cute templates just to redo the entire blog. But in draft was just not working with me at all, and kept giving me a Bx error!! The nerve of computers. 
So I chose to make my own little layout with given materials. I'm pretty darn proud! I hope you all like the new look.

-Trina Belle

Ode to '92

Shirt: DIY (Make your own)
Scarf: DIY
Sweater: Thrift
Maxi Skirt: Cirana

Yesterday, I threw on the most random clothes I could think of, along with my new D.Martens, and bitched it out with Samantha and Ashley. It was only when I left the house that I realized I looked a bit homeless. But Samantha lifted my mood a bit by calling it more 90's grunge.
I was born in 92, so I only spent 8 years in the 90's. I grew up on Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Doug. I remember the fashion of the 90's fondly (see: Jawbreaker). But grunge is coming back big time. And there's no better way to fill a grunge wardrobe than to thrift.
One of my favorite parts of this outfit is the cute little dream catcher pouch necklace. It was a 11 cent thrift find, and I added the little fringe insert from some of my random leather in the house. I've been looking for the right outfits to wear it with ever since I got it.
In furniture thrifting news, Ashley, Samantha, and myself went to ATS yesterday, and did we find a find.
A record player/radio within a medium sized wooden cabinet. Sam and I have to clean my car out tomorrow so that we can pick her up and take her home. I'll be sure to take pictures when I do!!
Until next time, get your cards read.

-Trina Belle

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Thrifting Tips

Thrifting is one of my favorite things ever, for multiple reasons. Thrifting is probably the best way to fill the closet of an indecisive girl. My style has changed so much over the last year or so, and buying a wardrobe completely new to fill up my new trends would be extremely expensive. Not to mention I love finding cute elements in thrifting that you'd never find otherwise. 
I've thrifted for years, and I've picked up plenty of tips along the way. So I wanted to share a few dos and don'ts of thrift with you all! I hope you enjoy, and happy thrifting!

1: When you thrift, thrift like a pro
There is a difference between browsing a thrift store, and shopping at one. This means starting early, and going to several different thrift stores in one day. The benefit of going early is that you can get around easier with a cart, get through aisles with ease, and it also means that new merchandise just got added to the floor.
All of this increases the chances of you finding something great!

2: Thrifting isn't just about clothes

One of the best ways to decorate a house is through a thrift store. This is especially true if you love a vintage look, but thrift stores can also carry a large amount of new/recent merchandise. The glassware aisle is always full of potential. Thrifted mason jars are some of the best craft or DIY bases known to man. But dishes aren't the only thriftable house item. There are sure to be some awesome furniture pieces at your local thrift dive as well.

This kick-ass lighthouse-lamp was a Goodwill find. It looks adorable in our living room, and it's something I would have probably never seen otherwise.
Always look at all the sections of your thrift store!

3: Look at pieces not as they are, but as what they could be
This crazy print sweater isn't the best example, but quite frankly, I'm too lazy to go take different pictures. Anyway! Not everything you purchase thrifting will look great by itself. This sweater looks a bit like a technicolor pimp coat while it hangs up in my closet. But on me paired with a pretty basic blouse and jean, it gets a little more evened out.
When it comes to thrift, you have to look at everything with potential. I've made over plenty of vintage dress disasters by with a few snips and tucks. If you love the print and hate the cut, take it home! Clothes are easy to make over when you put your mind to it.

4: When in doubt, put it in your cart anyway.

If you see something that you love, go ahead. Throw (or in this case, put in gently) the item in your cart/basket. I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to buy this set when I saw it, but I was pretty sure that I wanted to take it home. Going ahead and putting it in my cart made sure that no one else could scoop it up while I was making my mind up. If you don't know how long you're going to be in the store, go ahead: put it in.
5: ALWAYS open cases!!

If you see an older looking case while scouring a thrift store, open it. You never know what might be inside, and it could very well be something great! I found this vintage typewriter in a thrift store that's closing down soon, in a ratty ass case. I mean, this case was actually pretty hard to get open. But if I hadn't, I would have missed out on a three dollar type writer. 
6: Know when to walk away

Just in case you couldn't tell, I bought the vintage stone wear dishes. But that means that I DON'T NEED ANYMORE. Between my new purchase and my grandmother's awesome collection, I've filled up my entire cabinet with vintage dishes. I love having them, and I'm really glad for the collection. But as a thrifter, you've got to know when you need something, and when you just want something. Treats for yourself aren't always bad! But it's also to remember when to walk away from a find. 

7: If you go often, you're bound to find some great pieces

Thrifting is about really hunting. And that's one of my personal favorite parts! When you frequently thrift, you're bound to find some great (and otherwise unattainable) pieces. My great find of the day were these Dr. Martens boots. No laces, but I love the texture of them. I really do. 

I hope you use the tips, I hope they help, and happy thrifting <3
Until next time, stay golden.

-Trina Belle