Monday, March 12, 2012


Dress: Ross
Crochet Knit Sweater: Thrifted
Gray Fringe Sweater: American Rag
Rings: Vintage
Peace Necklace: UO
Moon and Stars Necklace: Vintage from my Grandmother
Headscarf: Thrifted
Readers: UO
Braid Belt: Target

You know how Chanel once said that every time you leave your house, take once accessory off?
 I think that's sort of a dumb rule. 
If you follow my blog or have seen a few of my posts, you're probably getting down right sick of this black sweater. I'm here to tell you, sorry. You'll be seeing it until it actually disintegrates and falls apart. 
Today I went shopping with my very pregnant friend to buy her some baby clothes and some empire waist dresses, as she can no longer wear pants. I found this tie die embroirderish dress while we were out, and I needed it in my life. It's absolutely huge. But that's okay. I like over sized crap.
I'm not wearing any shoes in these pictures, mostly because I didn't think anyone would notice. Usually when I take pictures, you can barely see the bottom halves of my legs, much less my shoes. And when I do take pictures, it's kind of a rapid fire thing before I lose the sun. I just set the self timer, pose for 10 seconds, and do it again. I didn't cut them off because I didn't really feel like it. I'm so lazy when it comes to editing. The only real thing I do is warp brush myself if I ever have a case of fat face. Yikes. So that's why if you see the yellow "indoor photo" glare, it's because I'm too lazy to edit it out. 
If you're wondering how I tied the scarf knot, it went something like this:
1: Bring the scarf around from the back of your head
2: Tie a knot at the top.
3: Tie another loose knot. 
4: Take the ends, and wrap them around the back of your head again.
5: Tie in a knot at the back. 

I'm so fancy. (Not)
This outfit makes me feel like a gypsy. If you know me in real life, then you know. Gypsies are my shit. I dress up like one every single year for the Renaissance festival. Esmeralda and Pocahontas are my Disney ladies. I love them. So I'm giddy in this outfit. 
You may notice my necklace is on a string. That's because the chain broke the first day I got it. Urban Outfitters is so cute, but their stuff is so fragile. I'm still looking for a chain for it, so until then, it gets to be on a string.
Also, I'd like to take a second to say HELLOOOO to a new follower! Thank you so much for your interest in my blog, and I hope to not disappoint.
As always, comment, subscribe, follow, etc. etc.
Until next time, dip your toes in the river.

-Trina Belle


  1. Hey katrina! Love all the colors in this post :)

  2. I LOVE to walk barefoot =)

    1. Me too. Especially in the grass after it gets wet in the morning. It's like, therapeutic.

  3. Your outfit is amazing! I love all of the layering. I like your writing style; you're pretty funny.

  4. i am seriously digging the threads! pretty lady!