Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Inspiration: Ombre Fringe Tee

I'm sorry for the lack of post today! I looked TERRIBLE today, because I got literally no sleep last night. Too much thinking about upcoming costume stuff! But more on that in a few days. 
I saw this shirt in Target a few days ago:

I LOVED this shirt so much, but it was 15 dollars. So I decided to make my own for 5 dollars. 2 for the thrifted tee, 3 for the rit dye. It's a two color instead of three, but I still like the results! 

 (Please exuse my polka dot leggings and my purple dyed hands!)
Here's how I did it!

This is what you need!
 (Colored shirt, oversized if you want a flowier look, a bottle of Rit dye in chosen color, and a bucket.)

Here's what you need to do.

1) Wet the bottom of your shirt.
This step is pretty important because your ombre dye won't fade up correctly if the fabric isn't pretty much saturated. So wet it up a bit higher than what you want ombreified.

2) Set up your dye bath.
Pretty self explanatory. Follow your Rit dye/fabric dye directions!

3) Put the shirt in up to wear you want ombred.

Put it in as high as you would like it to fade.

4) Wait for about 2 minutes.

 Now you're going to take the shirt up. Half of what is in the dye bath, take it up. 

5) Leave the shirt in for about 5 minutes.
 The reason I only kept it in for 5 minutes is because I used the whole ass bottle of Rit dye, which is meant to dye 2 pounds of fabric. 

6) Wash it out!

Wash your shirt out mostly like this picture, because you don't want the top of your shirt to get your dye on it!!! So rinse from the top of the ombre dye to the bottom, without flipping or balling your shirt. Make sure it's cold water, and rinse until the water runs clear.

7) Hang up.

Hang up your shirt for a bit until it pretty much stops dripping.

8) Wash and dry!
 You need to do this unless you want your color dye to get everywhere.

9) Cut up!

Now make your scoop neck and your fringe bottom. 

10) Enjoy!

 Some tips for this DIY!
-Wear some gloves or end up with purple hands like me.
-Remember your color mixing! Like my shirt: blue+pink makes purple. If you have a yellow shirt, and try a blue ombre, you'll end up with a green ombre dip. Which would still be cool, but whatever!

So sorry for the semi-crap pictures! Thanks for reading. XOXO
 -Trina Belle


  1. Great idea! =)

  2. This is really bizarre as i am dying today too!!! Only i am dying a printed dress so that its faded to dark purple at the bottom. How weird….great minds eh!!!xxxx

  3. Ahh! I remember doing this in art class once, fun times :D

    I have tagged you in my versatile blogger award!

  4. you've got a great blog, keep it up!!


  5. Ahhh jealousy! I've been wanting to ombre dye everything I lay my hands on. This is awesome, your shirt turned out great!

    1. Well thank ya! :) I've been ombre crazy too, I understand XD