Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fancy Hauls

My momma bought me some fancy duds today during shopping. I love thrifting, and buying things vintage/second hand. But honestly, sometimes there's nothing better than getting some really cute stuff new. 
The pretty floral crochet crop top was from a Burks Outlet in Lebanon. I've been searching for one of these sepcific tops for about a month now, and every time I find one, it's like 30 dollars. (See: Macy's)  But if you've never been to a Burks, you need to try it. It's like Ross, except better, in my opinion. It's really cute off brand stuff, for cheaper than you could get it otherwise. I bought this one myself at $15.
The brown knit fringe vest was also a Burks buy. It's very 70's. $15 <3
Today marks the first day that I purchased anything from Pac Sun. It's not that I don't like them, but every time I want to go in one the price tags scare me off. But they were having a buy one get one half off sale, so I jumped on it! The cream zodiac and the wild spirit fringe are both from Pac Sun. 

Momma took me to Ulta so that we could pick up some pretty paste, and I went to target for some new ELF products.

I got some a new powder/powder brush from ELF. My old brush is MIA, and my current powder was making my skin a little tight. I also picked up a new eyeshadow brush and a new little neutral palette for travel. The last ELF product I picked up was their water proof eyeliner pen. It's a very dark, dramatic line that you have pretty good control over. It's lasted all day, so I'm pretty pleased. If you're looking for a cheap makeup alternative, definitely give ELF a try. The cosmetics are available in all Targets, some Ross stores, and of course, on their website. Every ELF product I purchased was a dollar each. 

I picked up another tube of Urban Decay's primer potion, because I'm completely freaking out. 
I also bought some more Burt's Bees, because Burt's Bees is more than awesome. 
I picked up some NYX Faux Lashes mascara to try, because their eye products were buy one get one half off. And I've been out of mascara for like three weeks. It's alright, but I still prefer my cheapo drug store mascara. 

This crap. THIS CRAP.
I bought this little tin of Rose Salve at Bath and Body Works for $5, and WOW. I bought it specifically for my crap-cuticles, but this stuff is good for EVERYTHING. I used it for my lips, and some dry skin on my hands, and it was pretty impressive stuff. PICK SOME UP. Trust me. You need it. You may not think you do, but you do. 

Remember how I was fussing over the Urban Decay Naked palette? Well I went to Ulta to buy one today. I had no idea that Urban Decay thought that they were worth $50 dollars. You guys know how cheap I am. So instead, I went to the cheap side of the makeup to see the NYX products. And NYX made a little Naked palette of their own called Nude on Nude. The colors are very similar, and it is half the price.

The bottom tray slides out to show some nice lip colors that look great with Nude eyeshadow looks. I'm pretty freaking excited to use it tomorrow!!!

Well, that's the haul. Now I'm going to the kitchen to eat some apples with Nutella. You need to try it before making that face. 

-Trina Belle


  1. Love the lacey/crochet top!!

  2. I LOVE what ur mom got u and I love burt's bees :D

    1. Thank you hun :)))) And I know right. I was sick this past week, and my lips got really really chapped. I pretty much lived in my tube of Burts.