Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Blogging as a Whole

I promise promise promise that I'll do some kind of outfit post today. I left my camera at home and have to fanagle something, but i'll figure it out.
I have an hour between classes, and I'd like to use it just to comment upon something that I've been seeing on a few different blogs that I follow religiously.
There seems to be a rift going on in fashion blogging. What started out as a fun, simple way to share your personal style has become something of a 9 headed beast that Tolkien would write on.
The problem that everyone seems to be having with fashion blogging recently, is that it's become somewhat commercialized.I don't know if that's even the right sort of word, but let's talk about it.
If you're a beautiful, shapely, and successful fashion blogger (typically 200+ followers) you'll start getting sponsors. These sponsors send you free crap from their stores that you can wear on your blog: clothing, shoes, jewelry or otherwise. You wear this stuff and give credit to the store that made it. Simple concept, that I'm honestly not against. I don't believe that sponsors are a bad thing. If someone offered me free clothes, and they were something that I would actually wear, then hell yes I will wear your free clothes. As long as the content that you put out there as a blogger is true to you, then I don't think you've broken a golden blogging rule.
The big problem is that people are taking clothes from high labels and wearing them on high quality professional photographs, and it stops looking like a blog. It looks like a reblog from a runway show.
My problem with having big wig design sponsors is that they all look so similar.
"Fashion" becomes one look that has been put together one way.
And that is not what personal style should be all about. Fashion should be individual, not one size fits all.
Keep in mind that if you want to be a blogger with 9000 followers over night, then you need to bow to the hype, blog about Kony 2012, and wear Dolce and Gabanna. But don't do it if that's not who you really want to be perceived as.
A blog is just a giant diary: something people look at to see who you are in private life and what you believe in. If you're a fashion blogger, please wear what makes you happy everyday, and not what makes you rich with sponsors.
Lucky for me, I am no where near fashionable.
I think that makes me a Thrift blogger.

-Trina Belle


  1. Hey there, Lovely blog and I find it interesting because we have the same Interest - Fashion. I hope you can check mine too.
    Feel free to stop by my blog.


    PS: Following you now :)
    PPS: Very well said! And I agree on certain points :)

  2. I so agree! I think its GREAT that some bloggers are able to get sponsors and get free clothes - and some girls do it great! they stay with their style and it's cool - but I've seen so many bloggers totally change who they are.
    I can't lie - I also get a little annoyed with style bloggers who have husbands/boyfriends who are professional photographers! lol maybe it's just me being crazy - but I've worked super hard and continue to learn the best ways to take photos with just a tripod and me, so I can't help but be jealous of those girls who get AMAZING pictures everytime, and just have to stand there lol

    ahhh blogging is such a funny thing... !

    1. I agree with you completely. I have like a really low level digital camera and a self timer. Sooo, I just have to put my camera on a flat surface and take a gagillion pictures and hope it gets me!! Don't get me wrong, I would love sponsors. But I know that I'd only take on people that I genuinely enjoy.

  3. Haha, I love the fact that you made a Tolkien reference in this post. That being said, I've read quite a few posts regarding this topic and I agree with many of the points that have been made about "fashion" blogging. The whole "pre-packaged look" is getting old and lacks creativity. It reminds me of when people tried to become "Myspace famous" by wearing pink glitter eyeliner, styling their hair like roadkill, & repping their favorite band by purchasing a mass produced shirt from Hot Topic. Even thinking about that makes me cringe. There are still many genuine fashion bloggers who have kick-ass style, but it's a shame they can be overlooked for something resembling a giant advertisement.

    1. Oh my god, the scene kids. They were such a freaking joke. I'm tired of the pre-packaged look too. :/ It's so boring...