Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hold up your head: think of brighter days.

Top: Pinkie
Shorts: Thrift
Sweater: Thrift
Necklaces: Thrift, Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Rings: Vintage
Sunglasses: Vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Say whaaaaat?! I did it! I went red. I spent my first day as a redhead vintage shopping, being with friends, and watching the Lord of the Rings. Geekism. 
I get to spend my first night as a red head picking out my outfit for tomorrow. We're going out with best girlfriends to celebrate birthdays, and a general missing each other. 
I didn't originally plan to take any photos today, but I had some excess time on my hands, so I figured why not. The outfit was a complete throw together. But it reminds me of lazy-days with my grandmother in Florida: when I would sit out on the netted patio with her while she drank from a tumbler glass. The sticky hot weather, and a tank top. I'll always miss that.
If you live in the frozen tundra known as anywhere but the south, then you can see these pictures and try and feel warm. We had about a 73 degree day here in Chattanooga
 Perfect light for pictures. 
I really love my new hair. It's so pretty and fun and reeeddd. Hopefully it'll last. 
Until next time, get ready for sun.

-Trina Belle

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