Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Shirt: Pac Sun
Skirt: Thrifted
Coat Thing: DIY
Rings: Vintage, eBay
Necklaces: Vintage, vintage, eBay, UO
Hat: Thrifted
Socks: Target
Doc Martens: Thrifted

My new bleach dye coat thingy. I love it so much. You can't see the small holes I've made in it from the bleaching process, but trust me. They're there.
I thrifted the skirt for 99 cents at goodwill and cut it to my knees. When stuff is too long, it makes me look really short. Considering I already tower over toddlers at 5'3, I really don't need anymore assistance in that arena. 
I looked a little raggy today in my kick ass bleach coat and my calamity jane hat. But that's okay. I consider my style to be very indie ragamuffin anyway. 
Do you remember that eyeball jewelry?! You could get it out of 50 cent machines way back when? I happened upon some on eBay, and now I'm like obsessed. There's a pair of earrings I'm watching too. I'm getting eBay freaky.
Have you ever just gone absolutely nuts on eBay? I've spent tons on there at a time, just because I get so into the low prices. Then after I do it, I always feel bad and say never again. But like clockwork a few months later, my watch list is full. Oh well. 
This was pretty much just to show off my new coat, so I'm done rambling.
Thank you to all my new followers, you guys are awesome! <3
- Trina Belle


  1. I love your rings, I don't know why but the title of this post is hilarious, maybe its just me being weird again :D The eye necklace would completely freak me out! check out my blog? follow if you enjoy! XD

    1. Thank you, sweets! Eh, Ragamuffin is a funny word. Love your blog layout! So pretty <3

  2. what a pretty nail art u have =)