Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrift 2.0: What to look for, how to find it, and how to be generally sucessful.

A few of my friends have recently commented on how much they like my thrifted finds. They often point out that they can never find anything interesting or cute in a thrift store, so they buy clothes at full price. Now I am by no means against purchasing things new. I think that new clothing is sometimes necessary, and there’s no need to buy everything second hand. But I don’t do anything like recycle. Plus I drive an SUV, never do public transportation, and pretty much nothing for our ozone/atmosphere. Buying discarded clothes to use again helps to reduce on the labor used to make them, the materials, fuel used to transport, all that jazz. Plus I really REALLY love a vintage look! And even though more stores are leaning towards vintage style and old punk, they charge a lot more than any thrift store would. If you’re like me and really want a second hand closet, it’s not hard to do. This little guide will help you start to find your footing. Plus I’ll give you a couple bloggers that are great at piling on a thrifted look. I hope you enjoy!

The first tip I have is to find your hunting ground.
Goodwill is not your only option for great second hand clothing, but honestly, it’s probably the easiest place to find in your town. There’s typically at least one in every city, and you can at least find one or two pieces.
When it comes to shopping in a Goodwill, some of my best finds have been hats, sweaters, dresses, coats, and shoes. Those are the categories that I find have the best selection in every Goodwill I’ve ever shopped in. When it comes to shopping in Goodwill, note that you will find a pretty eclectic selection of practically all eras.
Try and research a few different places for shop second hand in your area. 
But remember your dialogue:
Vintage = Store that sells clothes and accessories exclusively that are at least 7 years old. Vintage stores will typically be more expensive than thrift stores, because these stores are typically on consignment: meaning they were not given to the store, but sold to the store.
Thrift = Typically a conglomeration of clothes that have accumulated over many many years. You’re bound to find lots of variety, with typically low prices.
If you live in a large, heavily populated, or super artsy city, get ready for a lot of thrift stores. But these thrift stores will be more expensive. A good example: Remember my giant anchor necklace? 

I got that when I was in Miami Florida. It was $50 freaking dollars. Reason being because Miami is a huge place, and can charge some crazy prices. If you travel up the coast, however, you’ll reach Navarre Florida. This place is full of thrift, antique, and vintage stores. But they are much less expensive. There’s an older population of people there. So estate sales are pretty rampant. 
The point being that different parts of the state will always be different for thrifting. When you’re on vacation, always look for a store to browse in your free time!!

Next, research the styles you love, the eras you admire, and what clothes can make them happen.
My favorite styles come from certain time periods. The 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s grunge are probably my style eras. The above outfit is pretty grunge, and it was completely thrifted and DIYed. Before you go thrifting, do some googling! See what pieces you could add to your current wardrobe to make your new look possible! If you notice that you love bohemian style, try googling late 60’s fashion. Go back to the original hippies. You’ll see some original bohemian fashion, and you’ll be prepared when you head to your thrift store. 

 I really hope this helps! Nothing’s better than finding something for nothing, and that’s what thrifting is to me. Finding good pieces is all about your dedication and your willingness to hunt. Never forget your accessories!! They make the outfit, and many of them can be thrifted as well.
If you'd like some great thrift bloggers, check out these two:
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-Trina Belle


  1. i just went to Goodwill today, actually, and also a higher priced thrift store. here in houston, in the inner parts of the city, at least, it is a bit harder to find cheap thrift stores when it comes to home goods. i bet there are amazing places out in less populated parts of texas, though... aiy yiyi, now i want a road trip. anyways, my point is- GOODWILL ROCKS. whenever i go there, i just get happy. charity shops are the best, too. i pretty much love mostly everything about goodwill (even the skeevy parts). i love that people donate everything. i love their practice of hiring people who might otherwise be passed by (just like the treasures in the shop!). i love that you find the most random things. ah, sweet goodwill.

    1. I love my Goodwill too <3 I wish I liked the one near my house better. But alas! The one in my home town has such a better stock than the one in my college town. I just went to a pricy thrift store today, and pined for my cheap cheap Goodwill. Did you get out to yours for the first saturday of the month sale a couple days ago?