Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gone is the pale hand of winter; here is the first flush of May.

 Jacket: Vintage thrift
Shirt: Bleach DIY
Jeans: Hot Topic
Braided Headband: DIY
Doc Martens: Thrift
Necklaces: Thrift, flea market, vintage
Rings: Vintage

These are the only pictures I could get today before my camera batteries went dead. I got this cute jacket yesterday at a vintage store. It was listed for 20 dollars, and I decided that was way too freaking high, and got her down to 15. Five dollars can buy a lot of Taco Bell! 
I really loved my outfit today. It was kind of last minute, but I wanted to make sure I wore something that had my new jacket involved. I'll get a better picture of it tomorrow or the next day. Whenever I get new batteries. 
I found a new thrift store today!! A friend turned me onto it. 
Ooltewah TN. The strangest named city in America. 
This place has clothing for 50 cents a piece. I walked out with 4 dollars worth of stuff, and I'm super excited to share. I'll make a decent thrift haul post, again, when I get new camera batteries.
Until next time, fly south before the fall begins.

-Trina Belle