Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Series: Expensive and awesome things that YOU can DIY!!

My darling dears! Welcome to my store of extremely cheap and tacky people who cannot afford anything that hasn't come from a second hand store. 
Okay. So it's no secret that I am broke as hell. I never try and pretend like I have money, or influence, or for that matter, a job. I'm a full time pre-nursing student, who only wants to buy and wear some seriously weird shit. I make my own bindis, eBay all my vintage jewelry, and manicure my own nails. But that, under no circumstance, means that I don't pine over some pricy items. So today, I'm starting a new series on Cache Closet.

Over the next few posts, I'm going to share how you can DIY some expensive internet crud that is just awesome, and I'm also going to share a couple other bloggers who've made DIY remake strides as well! 

Alright. So the first DIY I'd like to talk about are these kickass shorts from Runwaydreamz. I god. you have any idea how much I want these?
(Image obviously copyright to Runwaydreamz)

Love, however, will not pay $160-$200 for a pair of shorts. So my devious little mind knows just how to remake these on any shorts that you've got around the house. I will tell you first hand, that ones you buy from them will probably be more epic than anything I could teach you to DIY. So before we begin, if you've got the cash to do it, seriously. Just go buy a pair from them. But some of us are poor. And if you are (or are just super cheap) read on!

Supplies: Red acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, navy acrylic paint, studs or spikes, star stamp, masking tape, sponge paint brushes

Your first step is going to be to find some shorts, buy some shorts, etc. Regular denim, preferably high waisted, and fitted. And by fitted, I mean hella tight. 
Now, you're going to need to fray the edges and give the denim a distressed look, unless of course you bought them already distressed. This tutorial is a great place to start. This step will take you a little bit of time, only because distressing jeans is nothing you can do in 15 minutes.
Now pick the design you'd like to recreate! They have some breath taking ones, so browse their site.
The navajo prints are my favorite, but whichever you pick, the way you create them will still be the same. So we'll talk about how to DIY the stars and stripes.

1: Lay your shorts down onto a flat surface. 
2: put something in between the front of your shorts and the back. Posterboard or an old notebook will work nicely. 
3: Paint one side white, and other dark blue with regular acrylic paint. 
4: Wait for it to dry.
5: Once you're all dry, lay down masking tape on the white side for your stripes. Make sure the tape stripes are equally apart. 
6: Sponge red paint all over the taped section. Don't do it too heavy; it'll get under the tape and turn all of that side red. 
7: After it's all dry, you can take the tape off and have a white and red striped side!
8: Now we'll work on your stars. Measure the navy blue side of your shorts with a ruler so that you can get even layers of stars. If you're a clutz/messy crafter like I am, then it might be helpful to put down a masking tape checkerboard. You can put your stars in the little boxes and they'll all be even!
9: You'll need a star stamp for the last part of your painting. Unless you've got a super steady hand. Stamp white paint onto your shorts with your star stamp. 
10: Last thing you'll need is some stud embellishments! I get all of mine from Studs and Spikes. They've got awesome wholesale deals. You can stud your pockets, an entire backside of your shorts, whatever you feel like, or you can keep to the model on Runwaydreamz.

I hope that wasn't tough to understand!! Sometimes I ramble and am incoherent!! Thanks for joining me for part one of the series. I'll get some great stuff planned for the next post tomorrow!! Give me suggestions if you've got them!!
Thanks for reading, and as always, love and live.

xoxo - 
Trina Belle

On the related subject, I must tell you. I'm giving very serious though to eating your wife.

That's one of my favorite things that anyone has said ever. I'm watching Hannibal. In case you couldn't tell.
You may have caught onto the theme lately, that I've become particularly camera shy. Hence the lack of posting.But I'm getting up and getting pretty on monday, so you can expect an outfit post then! I pinky swear. I've just been feeling super super lazy after my finals. But I'm about to do a nice big post on some DIY work, so stay with me today!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exuses exuses

I'm the crumbiest blogger ever. I haven't posted in a whole week.
Now you have now idea how sad that makes me. But I feel like such a for crap blogger. 
Now I have an excuse mind you! It's finals week up in here. I worked for five and half hours yesterday on Chemistry homework. In a Books a Million. Did you know that every time someone walks into a Books a Million, you are greeted by the very loud coffee makers WELCOME TO BOOKS A MILLION. Because you are. Five and a half hours. 
Then another six hours today. 
Needless to say, it's been a long ass week. 
I promise I'll get an outfit post up Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday when I get my hair re-did.
Either way, here's my only thrift buy for the last two weeks, along with the new fabric Megan's momma gave me. Still don't know what I'm going to do with it. But whateves.

This is a wrinkly-ass picture, but you get the idea. Goodwill, $8. 

 You know I'm a sucker for embroidery.

This is my fabric bounty. I want to make something awesome out of it, but I'm at a TOTAL loss. Any suggestions?
Wish me luck on my finals. I will most certainly need all the good vibes you can send.
Love always,

Trina Belle

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Showering Babies


These are some of the decorations from my Megan's baby shower. She is officially nine months pregnant today! I'm really hoping that baby doesn't show up early because I can't miss my fracking finals. Isn't she a doll?! Imagine how gorgeous this baby is going to be.

Dirty Hippies

Dress: Thrifted, $2.50
Necklaces: (Quartz) handmade, (Peace charm) UO, (Dragon claw) Renaissance fair, (Afghan necklace) MTAC vendor, (Hamsa hand) All things Groovy
Belt: Thrifted
Dread wig: Handmade
Hat: Thrifted
Readers: UO
Binid: Handmade

This was my outfit to go out to Play dance bar to see the gorgeous and talented Sharon Needles from Ru Paul's drag race. She was freaking amazing. It was really really crowded, and it did take us a minute to actually get up to see her on the stage. People did that thing, where all the tall people got in the very front, and didn't let anyone else see around them. It was worse that Lollapalooza crowd. Shows should be organized by height. Whatever.
I looked like a bit of a dirty hippie in this one, and I actually took some flack for it. Not from anyone random, just from some of my old friends. They informed me that I had gone into "full hipster no man land" territory, and didn't hesitate to tell me that I looked completely ridiculous.
If you've been checking out my blog for a bit, then you know that I'm a bit of a "I don't give a fuck" kind of girl. You do you, and I'll do me. I don't dress like a hippie for any particular reason other than the fact that it's how I like to dress. If you don't like my outfit, that's fine. I really don't care. If you do like my outfit, that's epic! I do care. But I don't like it when people come for me in a way that I find sort of disrespectful.
I didn't like the fact that my friends called me an idiot for wearing a bindi on my head. But what I've learned over the past 20 years is that you only have so much energy to devote to every single day on the earth. And the moment you use some of that energy to be irritated or spiteful or angry is the moment you lose some of the energy you could've used to do other crap. I know friends play with each other, and maybe I was being too sensitive. But when people that you care about tell you that you look completely stupid and that you as a person are stupid for wearing the clothes, it tends to make you feel a bit self conscious. And it did. For about 15 minutes. After that, I just didn't want to let it bother me.
I guess that the whole point of that little snippet of my life goes back to my body image post. Do and wear what makes you feel happy and beautiful. And the minute you start taking other peoples criticisms to your heart is the second you stop being you.
Love always-
Trina Belle

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tie and Dye

Tie Dye Over shirt: Thrifted, $3
Yellow Tank Top: Target
Jeans: Tripp
Creepers: Thrifted $10
Smoky Quartz Necklace: DIY
Silver+Lapis Necklace: MTAC vendor
Readers: UO
Hat: Thrifted, $1
Bindi: MTAC vendor

You never know how much crap you're wearing until you type it all out.
I loved my outfit today, though. It was kind of freaking rad.
All I did today was go to class, so it was a really epic outfit kind of wasted on school. But whatevers. I'm wearing it to my girlfriend's baby shower on Saturday. 
This is that super freaking cute tie dye thrift piece I showed you in my last thrift post. I love it tooooo much. 
Sorry for the tiny post. I'm just so worn out!

Love always

-Trina Belle

Monday, April 9, 2012

Double Tie Dye DIY

This is the product of some unusual experimentation.
I wanted a tie dye shirt to wear to the MTAC rave, and so I got a white Goodwill tee shirt, and a couple bottles of Rit dye. I used the Aquamarine color, and Sunshine orange. Now, for some reason, it didn't mix in my brain, that these two colors would probably bleed together. And they did.
When I finally had washed all of it out, it was kind of dingy brown green. It was sort of not cute looking. Needless to say, I didn't rock it at the rave.
So when I got home, I decided to try and do something a little different. I twisted it back up in all different manor of ways, and did a reverse tie dye with bleach. Then I left it there.
....for an hour. 

When I picked it up, it literally looked all white. I almost did a literal face palm.
Then I undid all of my rubber bands, and I was super excited with the results. It's kind of a teal, seafoam color with a few orange flecks. 
Anyways. Wanted to share my fancy DIY shirt.

Thrifting and Crafting

I haven't gotten to go thrifting in like, two weeks. No joke. It's been all MTAC, all the time. I'm actually itching to do some thrifting. Bad. 
I went to a thrift store looking for MTAC pieces, and did find some things that I HAD to walk out with. That, and MTAC had some new vendors in the dealer room that were phenomenal. And I spent a good amount of money with them. This is all i've hauled in in like, two weeks, bloggers. That is so sad for me.
But with the approaching move into my new apartment, I'm actually gathering some pieces that I never wear to get rid of. I don't need all these clothes cluttering up my crappy apartment! So I'm planning to do a big donate haul to Goodwill this week. Wish me luck in cleaning out my junk! But without further whining, here's my thrift post.

How cute. Is this. I know it's hard to see, but this is a little tie-dye, bell sleeve over shirt thing. It's so so so cute, but I haven't even the slightest idea about HOW to wear this yet. But it is the first thing on my list to style. When I actually spotted this, it wasn't even on the floor yet. So, in true me fashion, I run over to it and try and check the price. Get this. I get REPRIMANDED by a sales associate because I was looking at this garment, and it wasn't on the rack yet. I'm a grown adult. And I got yelled at by a sales associate. I look at the woman and go "Are you serious?" and she said "YES I AM VERY SERIOUS. YOU NEED TO STEP BACK UNTIL THIS ITEM IS ON THE FLOOR." was $3 in case you were wondering. I had to wait until this crazy woman put this shirt on the floor, and then I had to go FIND it because she put it in the strangest place. Whatever. I think I won the war.

Remember my bitching about wanting some creepers? And about how I was not about to pay $40 for a pair on eBay? Look what I fouuunnnnnd!!! A pair of vintage looking blue suede creepers. I hustled these out of a vintage store for $10. 

 I know it's kind of a crud-picture, but I don't have the patience to set up a better one. Sorry! This amazingly cute patch tote bag was at my home town Goodwill for $2. I had to go to GW for one last thing for MTAC, and I couldn't help but find this. 

These beautiful little fishie earrings were from an awesome vendor at MTAC!! I was lusting over them, and couldn't afford to get them. Then when I went to Easter church service with my family, my awesome roomie and bestie Samantha bought them for me. I wore them all today and yesterday. 

This is my last MTAC vendor purchase, and let me tell you. It was instant love. I saw it, and I didn't even care how much it was. I didn't even care. It was mine. It cost my $25, which if you know me, that is like a small fortune. But it's probably my new favorite necklace. 

That's the end for today, readers. Thanks so much for keeping with me through these two weeks of like no posting.

-Trina Belle

MTAC Omega

I may have mentioned before that I am a total nerd. And I know this is a deviation from my typical bloggin', but I wanted to share a few pictures from my big annual nerd convention: The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention.

This is me, Samantha, Taylor, and Ashley all dressed up. We're all Kuroshitsuji Characters. Samantha, Taylor, and I are all from Kuro II. Can you spot us?

Ashley was the odd ball in this one, because she was from Kuro I playing Madame Red.

You remember my pregnant friend who I'm baby crazy over?

Well she's REALLY pregnant now.

The second day, Samantha and I were Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. We got a ton of compliments on this one, mostly because it's a big nostalgia costume.

I LOVED my Sophie costume. I thought I looked pretty bitching in that costume. Our hotel room was so messy!
I didn't really get any good pictures of Samantha and I, but some other con-goers did. So this one I did not take, and give credit to the con goer that did.

I really loved the con this year, but SOMEONE came to it SICK. And spread it to everyone in the con. Everyone is sick now, so yeah. Sucky.
We have about two more cons to go to before the next MTAC, but costumes for those have already been planned and finished. 
for MTAC13, costumes have sort of already been planned. We started early this year!

Next years theme is the occult. And I have been wanting to cosplay Vampire Princess Miyu since I first started cosplay 5 years ago. And this year, it's finally happening. 

The next character I'm doing is Rip Van Winkle from Hellsing. And she looks something like this:

I've never actually SEEN Hellsing, but Samantha, Megan, and the entire rest of our group want to do a Hellsing group cosplay. And since I hate doing characters I know nothing about, I have some catching up to do!!

Thanks for reading my nerd rant! Thrift post tonight.
-Trina Belle

A little late

Hat: Thrifted
Readers: Urban Outfitters
Undersweater: Thrifted
Pleather Jacket: Ross, forever ago
Yellow Rose Dress: Thrifted+DIYed
Necklaces: Thrifted

So this is an outfit post.
From an outfit.
That I wore.
...Like 2 weeks ago.
I know. I suck. But I have a whole big ole thing of batteries and I'm FINALLY updating!
This is one of my favorite maxi dresses ever, and one of my first fringe pieces I ever did. When I got this dress, it looked terrible. I mean, really terrible. It was up to my neck, and long sleeved. Can you imagine a dress in THIS print...up to your neck, down to your ankles, and covering your wrists? It was a hoot. 
But I cut those sleeves off, and made a v-neck out of this little dress disaster. Then out of the leftover sleeve fabric, I made the huge fringe collar piece you see here. 
I recently discovered my love for this hat too. I completely forgot I had bought it, but it's just such a perfect slouchy fit. 
And I love the color.
And the knit.
And stuff.
You can't see my shoes in this post. I would tell you which ones I was wearing. But I forgot. Because it was two weeks ago.
Until next time, write a letter and forget to send it.
-Trina Belle

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Body Image with Blogger: Plus Size and beyond

Time to get serious. 
Here's a picture of a baby hedge hog to get you through all this serious talk. 

Are we all cuteed-up? Excellent.
I wanted to touch on something that I've really been a part of my entire life. 
Body image. 
Now I'm not going to get all gushy on you about how I was always so depressed at my weight and yadda yaddda yadda. I think that junk is just...junk. I will tell you, however, that no one could pay me to return to middle school, or high school. The amount of money would be in the trillions. 
And it wasn't only because of body image, no no no. Self esteem really only outwardly plagued me for my freshman and sophomore year. My junior year I was thin, and my senior year, I could have not even given a single rat's ass what anyone at that school thought of me. But I digress.

Freshman year of college, I gained what I think may have been 50 pounds. That doesn't sound like a lot until it's on you. It was living on the campus+all the cafeteria food+never working out. I was super uncomfortable with myself, and I sort of felt like a freshman in high school again. For those of you who are in college/have graduated college, then you may get what I say when I say "freshman mentality". When you're a freshman in college, you still act like you're in high school. If you were quiet in high school, that's how you are the first year of college. If you were a bitchy little whore-twat in high school, well, you'll be one for another year. 
After that, college literally slaps you in the face and says SHUT UP. NO ONE CARES.
And no one does. People are too busy running around trying to graduate on time to care what you look like, or what you're wearing. The one's who still snark at you are either freshman, or have way too much free time on their hands. 

I thought something that may help me get my style act together, and maybe be a fun little side-project, would be blogging.
I started this blog back in November of 2011, started posting in December, and I don't think the first actually full body shots came until around January of 2012. I was still learning about my camera, my self-timer, and most important of all, how to pose so I didn't look huge. 
Being a plus-size girl, I was kind of nervous to start what was going to be a fashion blog. All I had seen on these blogs were images of GORGEOUS ladies, who looked like they may have never eaten in their entire lives. I really don't consider myself attractive, and I knew I could never look like those other bloggers. I am actually still kind of afraid to post on LOOKBOOK, knowing that the audience there is just a wee bit harsher than that of blogger. But it still bummed me out sometimes, knowing that I'll never look like those other bloggers.

I've had some time to myself recently, considering my recent computer crash. And I've come to a new conclusion.
Who gives an absolute fuck? Seriously? Who even cares what you look like? If you like how YOU look, then don't change a thing. Unless you need to do so for health reasons, don't lose weight. If you feel beautiful, then you ARE beautiful.
 If you want to buzz the entire side of your head and bleach it, go for it. Make a punk statement in your own head. 
Dress how you want to dress! There's nothing holding you back but YOU. If anyone says anything about you, giggles near you, points, snarks, or otherwise: smile, wave, and say hello. Make them uncomfortable! Their opinions are completely irrelevant to you, because you're style is fucking rad.
There's nothing wrong with creating something all your own, and calling it fashion. And I encourage you to do so. 
I've adopted this theory over the past couple weeks, and dressing kind of outrageous. Because I could.
Recently, I weighed myself. I don't really know why I did it, I hadn't in a while. I had lost about 12 pounds. I have adult ADHD, a continuing diagnosis from when I was 10. I've been taking adderall to help me concentrate more on school. If you've ever been on ADHD pills yourself, you may notice that you can't eat. It's not that you're hungry, it's that you are sick when you try. I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks, because I was hardly able to consume ANYTHING. I lost an entire pant size. 

I'm losing weight not because I feel like I have to. I'm doing it because I want to. Because I feel like I could benefit from losing a good bit of weight, as far as my health. And because I want to be able to wear all different kinds of clothes, not just clothes that fit "larger" girls. Looking like other bloggers will never be possible for me. And I don't even care about that. 
I want to look like me.

You're all beautiful. Don't forget it.
-Trina Belle

Summer of Love V2

I'm a technological muther loving genius!
Well not really. Mostly I just went into safe mode and system restored from about a week before this who shit storm occurred. My virus program brought me back a (mostly) clean bill of health, though I'm still a little wary over then entire state of my poor computer.
But we're good to go on blogging!

I'd like to do another little list today, since you all seemed to adore the DIY spike list from last week. And for those of you waiting on outfit/thrift posts, do not despair. Two should be up by tomorrow nightish. Maybe friday nightish. Depending on how the day goes. 
I've been noticing over the past three weeks or so that I've started to regress. 
I'm dressing the way I did in 7th grade.
Now, take note. I didn't dress like other 7th grade kids in my class. Maybe that's why everyone thought I was weird. I wore bell sleeve gauze shirts with embroidered butterflies, and long skirts down to my ankles.
And clogs.
So many clogs.
Samantha and I actually met in 7th grade, and she said the first time she saw me, she thought I was a hippie. Like one from a convent. No joke.
I stopped dressing like that for a long time, and went through my all black phase. Then I transitioned into my rockabilly phase. Now I just look like a pint-sized indie ragamuffin. So to kick off Summer (because let's face it it's 80 degrees outside) I wanted to do a little quickie post about new styles, prints, cuts, flares, and what nots that are all a part of my new summer attire. 

1: Tie dye
(Image from here)

I don't care what it is, where I get it from, or how bad of a shape it's in. Over the past couple months, I've been tie dye crazy. I sort of live in that red tie dye dress I got from Ross a month ago. I have a special little gem to share with you in my next thrift post, so check that out whenever I get my crap together. Back to the tie dye. I just cannot even help it. And I am REALLY digging it over the black. I want this dress so freaking bad.

2: Turban scarf Headbands
(Image from here)

I love what this blogger did with this gorgeous yellow+her peachy coral. Those two colors sing to me. ANYWHO. I know I've preached the turban headband a bunch to you guys. But I have been wearing the crap out of mine all week. It's perfect for when your hair is just not cooperating.

3: Jewelry from the Earth
(Image from here)

I'm in love. Such deep, passionate love.
I believe these beautiful pieces are from Unearthen.
Which means they probably cost about 100-300 dollars.
A piece.
Which means that maybe I should start looking on eBay for gorgeous stuff like this. I can't even explain how much I want these though. They are so freaking mystifying. 

4: Embroidered Tops
(Image from here)

Say what you want. Tell me I'm hunting for clothes in my grandmother's closet. I can take it. (Because it's true)
I LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This stitching. I have a top similar that I got at Macy's for like, 10 dollars (mostly because it was on psycho sale) that I wore today that is kinda sorta like this. I still love actual floral prints, don't get me wrong. But the embroidery is just so cute. (Btw, this top is actually on sale on the website that I gave photo credit to. $15 bucks! One of you better snag it before I have the money to.)

5: Round Sunglasses
 (Image from here)

 I've been a big sunglasses girl since forever. I have a semi-round face, and huge sunglasses really help to even it out. I never thought much of circle sunglasses though. They always just reminded me too much of packaged hippie costumes from party city. But recently, I've been thinking (a dangerous pastime) about how cute these could look with some denim shorts and a tunic top. 

That's all the listing for now! I'm doing one more post tonight on something which is pretty important to me, and then maybe later if I have time, I'm doing a sort of Compare and Save, eBay to designer garb post. Leave comments with a something you love, whether it be designer or otherwise, and I'll try to eBay find it for nice and cheap!

As always, love completely:
-Trina Belle

Monday, April 2, 2012

My special week.

I have a theory. 
The theory is that the universe will pick one week, just one week, to absolutely shit on you. It will be an important week, mind you. Where you have an absolute crap ton of stuff to do before hand, and then the universe will say, Nope. And it will actually shit on you.
It's my special week.
This isn't a "complain to an invisible audience" blog, however. The reason I'm telling all you fine people this, is because it directly affects this blog.
My computer crashed last evening. And by crashed, I mean five trojan viruses took the entire thing at once and wiped my entire hard drive.
They took my BACKGROUND, bloggers.

How do you even do that? How? How do you remove the calculator accessory from a computer?
In any event.
I'm uploading from a school computer as of now. I'll be able to get by doing this for a while, at least until my computer is fixed, or until I get the grand pleasure of buying a new one?
PC or Mac?

Hugs and Bitch slaps -

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gratitude for a year

Okay. I know I'm a dirty liar. I need to upload pictures from like, Tuesday still. But this is sort of my own personal hell week. My annual nerd convention is less than 5 days away, and things still need to be puffed, fluffed, and packed.
However! I wanted to extend a big beautiful thank you to all my followers and commenters. I reached my follower goal for the year. I feel positively blessed for your awesome people.
Trina Belle