Monday, April 9, 2012

Double Tie Dye DIY

This is the product of some unusual experimentation.
I wanted a tie dye shirt to wear to the MTAC rave, and so I got a white Goodwill tee shirt, and a couple bottles of Rit dye. I used the Aquamarine color, and Sunshine orange. Now, for some reason, it didn't mix in my brain, that these two colors would probably bleed together. And they did.
When I finally had washed all of it out, it was kind of dingy brown green. It was sort of not cute looking. Needless to say, I didn't rock it at the rave.
So when I got home, I decided to try and do something a little different. I twisted it back up in all different manor of ways, and did a reverse tie dye with bleach. Then I left it there.
....for an hour. 

When I picked it up, it literally looked all white. I almost did a literal face palm.
Then I undid all of my rubber bands, and I was super excited with the results. It's kind of a teal, seafoam color with a few orange flecks. 
Anyways. Wanted to share my fancy DIY shirt.