Monday, April 9, 2012

MTAC Omega

I may have mentioned before that I am a total nerd. And I know this is a deviation from my typical bloggin', but I wanted to share a few pictures from my big annual nerd convention: The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention.

This is me, Samantha, Taylor, and Ashley all dressed up. We're all Kuroshitsuji Characters. Samantha, Taylor, and I are all from Kuro II. Can you spot us?

Ashley was the odd ball in this one, because she was from Kuro I playing Madame Red.

You remember my pregnant friend who I'm baby crazy over?

Well she's REALLY pregnant now.

The second day, Samantha and I were Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. We got a ton of compliments on this one, mostly because it's a big nostalgia costume.

I LOVED my Sophie costume. I thought I looked pretty bitching in that costume. Our hotel room was so messy!
I didn't really get any good pictures of Samantha and I, but some other con-goers did. So this one I did not take, and give credit to the con goer that did.

I really loved the con this year, but SOMEONE came to it SICK. And spread it to everyone in the con. Everyone is sick now, so yeah. Sucky.
We have about two more cons to go to before the next MTAC, but costumes for those have already been planned and finished. 
for MTAC13, costumes have sort of already been planned. We started early this year!

Next years theme is the occult. And I have been wanting to cosplay Vampire Princess Miyu since I first started cosplay 5 years ago. And this year, it's finally happening. 

The next character I'm doing is Rip Van Winkle from Hellsing. And she looks something like this:

I've never actually SEEN Hellsing, but Samantha, Megan, and the entire rest of our group want to do a Hellsing group cosplay. And since I hate doing characters I know nothing about, I have some catching up to do!!

Thanks for reading my nerd rant! Thrift post tonight.
-Trina Belle

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