Monday, April 2, 2012

My special week.

I have a theory. 
The theory is that the universe will pick one week, just one week, to absolutely shit on you. It will be an important week, mind you. Where you have an absolute crap ton of stuff to do before hand, and then the universe will say, Nope. And it will actually shit on you.
It's my special week.
This isn't a "complain to an invisible audience" blog, however. The reason I'm telling all you fine people this, is because it directly affects this blog.
My computer crashed last evening. And by crashed, I mean five trojan viruses took the entire thing at once and wiped my entire hard drive.
They took my BACKGROUND, bloggers.

How do you even do that? How? How do you remove the calculator accessory from a computer?
In any event.
I'm uploading from a school computer as of now. I'll be able to get by doing this for a while, at least until my computer is fixed, or until I get the grand pleasure of buying a new one?
PC or Mac?

Hugs and Bitch slaps -

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  1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your computer! :( Those must have been some hardcore viruses. I'm a Mac lover, but they are expensive as hell so maybe look at getting a refurbished one? I've had my Macbook for almost two years and haven't had an issue with it yet. Good luck!