Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Series: Expensive and awesome things that YOU can DIY!!

My darling dears! Welcome to my store of extremely cheap and tacky people who cannot afford anything that hasn't come from a second hand store. 
Okay. So it's no secret that I am broke as hell. I never try and pretend like I have money, or influence, or for that matter, a job. I'm a full time pre-nursing student, who only wants to buy and wear some seriously weird shit. I make my own bindis, eBay all my vintage jewelry, and manicure my own nails. But that, under no circumstance, means that I don't pine over some pricy items. So today, I'm starting a new series on Cache Closet.

Over the next few posts, I'm going to share how you can DIY some expensive internet crud that is just awesome, and I'm also going to share a couple other bloggers who've made DIY remake strides as well! 

Alright. So the first DIY I'd like to talk about are these kickass shorts from Runwaydreamz. I god. you have any idea how much I want these?
(Image obviously copyright to Runwaydreamz)

Love, however, will not pay $160-$200 for a pair of shorts. So my devious little mind knows just how to remake these on any shorts that you've got around the house. I will tell you first hand, that ones you buy from them will probably be more epic than anything I could teach you to DIY. So before we begin, if you've got the cash to do it, seriously. Just go buy a pair from them. But some of us are poor. And if you are (or are just super cheap) read on!

Supplies: Red acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, navy acrylic paint, studs or spikes, star stamp, masking tape, sponge paint brushes

Your first step is going to be to find some shorts, buy some shorts, etc. Regular denim, preferably high waisted, and fitted. And by fitted, I mean hella tight. 
Now, you're going to need to fray the edges and give the denim a distressed look, unless of course you bought them already distressed. This tutorial is a great place to start. This step will take you a little bit of time, only because distressing jeans is nothing you can do in 15 minutes.
Now pick the design you'd like to recreate! They have some breath taking ones, so browse their site.
The navajo prints are my favorite, but whichever you pick, the way you create them will still be the same. So we'll talk about how to DIY the stars and stripes.

1: Lay your shorts down onto a flat surface. 
2: put something in between the front of your shorts and the back. Posterboard or an old notebook will work nicely. 
3: Paint one side white, and other dark blue with regular acrylic paint. 
4: Wait for it to dry.
5: Once you're all dry, lay down masking tape on the white side for your stripes. Make sure the tape stripes are equally apart. 
6: Sponge red paint all over the taped section. Don't do it too heavy; it'll get under the tape and turn all of that side red. 
7: After it's all dry, you can take the tape off and have a white and red striped side!
8: Now we'll work on your stars. Measure the navy blue side of your shorts with a ruler so that you can get even layers of stars. If you're a clutz/messy crafter like I am, then it might be helpful to put down a masking tape checkerboard. You can put your stars in the little boxes and they'll all be even!
9: You'll need a star stamp for the last part of your painting. Unless you've got a super steady hand. Stamp white paint onto your shorts with your star stamp. 
10: Last thing you'll need is some stud embellishments! I get all of mine from Studs and Spikes. They've got awesome wholesale deals. You can stud your pockets, an entire backside of your shorts, whatever you feel like, or you can keep to the model on Runwaydreamz.

I hope that wasn't tough to understand!! Sometimes I ramble and am incoherent!! Thanks for joining me for part one of the series. I'll get some great stuff planned for the next post tomorrow!! Give me suggestions if you've got them!!
Thanks for reading, and as always, love and live.

xoxo - 
Trina Belle

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