Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrifting and Crafting

I haven't gotten to go thrifting in like, two weeks. No joke. It's been all MTAC, all the time. I'm actually itching to do some thrifting. Bad. 
I went to a thrift store looking for MTAC pieces, and did find some things that I HAD to walk out with. That, and MTAC had some new vendors in the dealer room that were phenomenal. And I spent a good amount of money with them. This is all i've hauled in in like, two weeks, bloggers. That is so sad for me.
But with the approaching move into my new apartment, I'm actually gathering some pieces that I never wear to get rid of. I don't need all these clothes cluttering up my crappy apartment! So I'm planning to do a big donate haul to Goodwill this week. Wish me luck in cleaning out my junk! But without further whining, here's my thrift post.

How cute. Is this. I know it's hard to see, but this is a little tie-dye, bell sleeve over shirt thing. It's so so so cute, but I haven't even the slightest idea about HOW to wear this yet. But it is the first thing on my list to style. When I actually spotted this, it wasn't even on the floor yet. So, in true me fashion, I run over to it and try and check the price. Get this. I get REPRIMANDED by a sales associate because I was looking at this garment, and it wasn't on the rack yet. I'm a grown adult. And I got yelled at by a sales associate. I look at the woman and go "Are you serious?" and she said "YES I AM VERY SERIOUS. YOU NEED TO STEP BACK UNTIL THIS ITEM IS ON THE FLOOR." was $3 in case you were wondering. I had to wait until this crazy woman put this shirt on the floor, and then I had to go FIND it because she put it in the strangest place. Whatever. I think I won the war.

Remember my bitching about wanting some creepers? And about how I was not about to pay $40 for a pair on eBay? Look what I fouuunnnnnd!!! A pair of vintage looking blue suede creepers. I hustled these out of a vintage store for $10. 

 I know it's kind of a crud-picture, but I don't have the patience to set up a better one. Sorry! This amazingly cute patch tote bag was at my home town Goodwill for $2. I had to go to GW for one last thing for MTAC, and I couldn't help but find this. 

These beautiful little fishie earrings were from an awesome vendor at MTAC!! I was lusting over them, and couldn't afford to get them. Then when I went to Easter church service with my family, my awesome roomie and bestie Samantha bought them for me. I wore them all today and yesterday. 

This is my last MTAC vendor purchase, and let me tell you. It was instant love. I saw it, and I didn't even care how much it was. I didn't even care. It was mine. It cost my $25, which if you know me, that is like a small fortune. But it's probably my new favorite necklace. 

That's the end for today, readers. Thanks so much for keeping with me through these two weeks of like no posting.

-Trina Belle


  1. Great finds! That Goodwill employee should know a thrifter stops at nothing to get what they want! lol