Friday, May 18, 2012

Mexican Blanket Reblog

Okay, now I typically try not to use content from other blogs or reblog content. But I needed to share every bit of this post with the world because I am so smitten. No joke, I'm going to the thrift store later to try and find a blanket to do this with. 
So check out this DIY inspiration for a pair and a spare and then click the follow button until you burst in this weeks reblog!

-Trina Belle

PS: ALSO! Next post marks 100 for the blog!I have to think of something really spiffy to do!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifts and tricks

Have you ever been thrifting, pick something up, and then say, eh what would I wear it with? This will just take up space in my closet for nine years and I'll never wear it. 
In the process of moving and packing up, I've noticed that I have way too much crap. So I started getting rid of some stuff that I never wore, and I've gotten the pile down to a pretty good size. So I've been trying to not pick up so much at the store. I need stuff to wear, but I can' let myself go too crazy you know?
Anyway, I had one of those moments I started this post with a couple days ago. It was a raspberry crochet knit sweater. I loved it initially, but then I thought asdfsdfosifoi i'm never going too weaarr thiiisss. 
I decided today that I was a big fat liar and I wanted that freaking sweater anyway.
It took a minute to find it, but I did pick it up!

The trip was for the sweater only, but I always have to peek through the dresses. And what I found was....oh just beautiful.

This is not the best picture ever. And I don' know the proper names for these kinds of garments. Indian women typically wear them though. It's a tunic dress with a patching genie pant kind of thing. I've seen them my whole life in thrift stores and the occasional goodwill. But fitting in one of these is not a walk in the park. Especially if you've got hips or a bigger bust. The bust on this one is still too small for me, but I can deal. I really want to wear this to the drive in on Sunday. 

Also! I bought a pair of beautiful bell bottoms the other week. I never got around the posting with. I tried to take pictures and do an outfit post, but it was humid as hell and my hair was not having any part of it.
Here's a little snap shot of them.

God my toes are weird.

-Trina Belle

DIY: Stud Shorts

Hey angels!
Did a minor DIY project yesterday while I was watching the Hamiltons. I picked up a new pair of shorts at Target a couple days ago while they were 50% off, and I felt they needed something a little snazzier. I love my floral print, but wanted something more. 
Back from my stud DIY post the other month, you all should know. I love me some clothes metal.
I had about 50 silver cone studs laying around from another project, and I used them to pimp my shorts. 
Just for reference, this project took about an hour. The only supplies used were the studs and a pair of needle nose pliers. 

Front and back. Nothing too snazzy. I may add more if I order another bulk of studs, but for now, I love how they turned out! 
Another post in about 20 minutes.

Love and live -

Trina Belle

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Shirt: Forever 21
Dress: Ross
Necklaces: (huge jingly mirror cluster f)TN Ren Fair, (ankh)TN Ren Fair, (birdskull necklace)TN Ren Fair
Jacket: Ross forever ago
Creepers: Vintage 
Socks: Mistmatched (Haters gonna hate)

See that hair? That's what happens when you walk around fair grounds for four hours in less than proper shoes and heaps of humidity and hairspray. I'm here for Mother's Day, so after I got too tore up from the Ren Fair, I changed into more suitable duds to go out in. 
Hopefully you're enjoying your own momma's day! 
I need a snack. 
Good night, darlings!

xoxo -
Trina Belle

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves

This is my Gypsy costume for the Renaissance Fair! I'm pretty impressed with it. I didn't have to buy anything for it, so that's always a plus. The Renaissance Fair is one of the most relaxing costumed events that Sam and I attend, mostly just because there's nothing complicated necessary for it, and the shopping is AWESOME. 
Sam's costume was freaking awesome this year.

 She was a dragon. This costume took her three days to make, out of nothing but closet materials. She's entering it for a ten thousand dollar art grant! I think she deserves it.

Outfit post tonight.
Love love -

Trina Belle

Kuchi Belt DIY

Good morning!
I just wanted to present a really quick DIY that I whipped up today for my Renaissance fair costume. I'm a freak about the Renaissance fair, mostly because I love all the period costumes that I get to see. Well, that and it's the perfect time to dress like a gypsy.
I've always been drawn to gypsy and traveler culture. I don't know why in particular, but I attribute most of it to Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. 
I decided to revamp my gypsy costume this year, mostly because i've worn a lot of the same pieces for two years in a row now. At first, I was watching a whole crap ton of Kuchi pieces for sale on eBay. If you've never seen the garb that the Kuchi people wear, seriously. Go google that stuff. 
But then I thought about saving some time and cash and just making one myself! 
Now i'll be the first to say, this isn't your average, you've got all this stuff in your house DIY. Unless you're like me and just have a plethora  of stuff like this just lying about.
 Here's what I used: 
Its an old thrifted bag, a sarong I never wear, and an elephant chain I got from Home Goods forever ago. Other than that, it was just some craft glue.

This was my result with my costume:
Not the very best picture ever, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
I'm about to post pictures of the full costume, so just give me a minute.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've been talking for a bit about my incubated alien God-child, Karma. She finally decided to make an appearance this weekend. Samantha and I spent 25 hours in a hospital waiting room. She got some sleep. I did not. Whoops.

Iiiii'm gonna go sleep for 14 hours now.
Love love -

Trina Belle

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Due dates and dialation

No updates for the next 48 hrs guys. Megans in labor!! Send her your love And positive energy.

-Trina Belle

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thriftin' Digs

Okay. So this is not the best picture I've ever posted.
I'm at home for a little while, and I just could not freaking find one good angle to take one from. The sun really overexposed every other picture that I did manage to get. Tomorrow I'll find somewhere in the back yard or something. Ridiculous bunch of sun. 
Went out to three Goodwills with Sam today! It was an interesting trip, especially considering that we came up moderately empty handed. That never happens at our local Goodwills. It may be because tomorrow is special super saturday; first saturday of the month. So everything will be 50% off tomorrow anyway. They may be waiting to put out new stuff until then. But I digress. 

This is actually the only thing I ended up getting out of the three Goodwills we went to. I think it's a personal record. It's a half sheer, floral dress. You really can't see the detail of it, but it's a open top, corset front close dress at the bust. It's very very cute. I think it's from Norway or something? That's what the tag says. Outfit post coming with it tomorrow! $8. 

I actually got this a couple days ago from America's thrift store. You guys all remember my black over sized knit sweater that I cannot stop wearing? Of course you do, considering it's been in 75% of my outfit posts. Well it's seen better days. It kept getting caught on everything I walked past, and it got more and more holes. That along with the 20 pounds I've lost, it's gone from baggy and over sized to a freaking tent. So I found this beautiful creature and decided to replace my departed sweater friend. $3.

Most of this stuff I actually got at a little store in Murfreesboro, Tn. I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but it's located right next to Icon Tattoo and Piercing. (Sentimental value marker: where I got my nose done!) It's a small wiccan/neo-pagan store with all manor of goodies. 
I got the cross earrings with the blue lapis stones there. They match my MTAC necklace so so so perfect. I dropped $11 whole dollars on them, but I do think I'll wear them out.
The candle is actually just a honeysuckle oil candle. My alter candle burnt out in like a day, so this is is just a good smelling replacement. 
The little stones around the candle are from the same little shop. From left to right: bloodstone, tree agate, tiger's eye, amethyst, amethyst. These are just for general carrying or circling. The bloodstone and the tiger's eye are two of Sam's elemental stones. She's a fire. I'm an earth, and the tree agate is one of my personal stones. Amethyst stones are just good general stones to have for rainy days. 
The stud earrings behind the candle actually came from eBay. Vintage, enamel moon and star. $1.

That's all for today. Bigger outfit post coming tomorrow.
Love love-

Trina Belle

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Beltane!!

I am getting more and more camera shy. I think I need a push. I'll force Samantha to make me get up and get camera ready tomorrow, I pinky swear. 
I've made lots of new jewelry that I need to show off.
I would just like to make a quickie post to declare a happy Beltane to everyone! If I have any readers of Wicca faith, then you're already familiar and hopefully celebrating with your sisters <3
I myself am not Wicca, I just play one on TV. I just lend my girls whatever energy I can so that hey can get a better formed circle. I think it's important to explore all reaches of yourself, so here's how your Zodiac signs align with Wicca elemental beliefs.

Earth Spirits
Virgos, Tauruses, Capricorns
Best suited with: Hematite, tree agate, chrysanthemum, epidote

Fire Spirits
Aries, Sagittariuses,  Leos
Best suited with: Citrine, malachite, tiger's eye, carnelian

Air Spirits
Geminis,  Libras, Aquariuses
Best suited with: Lapis, selenite, moonstone, amethyst

Water Spirits
Cancers,  Scorpios, Pisces
Best suited with: Aquamarine, white opal, pink tourmaline, kunzite

If you circle for feminism, use moonstones
If you circle for grounding, use quartz
If you circle for strength, use agate and opal
If you circle for love, use rose quartz and turquoise
When you celebrate Beltane, wear a flower crown in your hair and celebrate your inner woman. If you're a man, join your girls with a flower crown and celebrate all the beautiful women in your life.
Until tomorrow, celebrate your ladies!
xoxo - 
Trina Belle