Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY: Stud Shorts

Hey angels!
Did a minor DIY project yesterday while I was watching the Hamiltons. I picked up a new pair of shorts at Target a couple days ago while they were 50% off, and I felt they needed something a little snazzier. I love my floral print, but wanted something more. 
Back from my stud DIY post the other month, you all should know. I love me some clothes metal.
I had about 50 silver cone studs laying around from another project, and I used them to pimp my shorts. 
Just for reference, this project took about an hour. The only supplies used were the studs and a pair of needle nose pliers. 

Front and back. Nothing too snazzy. I may add more if I order another bulk of studs, but for now, I love how they turned out! 
Another post in about 20 minutes.

Love and live -

Trina Belle


  1. I really like this DIY - And those shorts are super cute!

  2. wow love these floral shorts, great DIY! :)