Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Beltane!!

I am getting more and more camera shy. I think I need a push. I'll force Samantha to make me get up and get camera ready tomorrow, I pinky swear. 
I've made lots of new jewelry that I need to show off.
I would just like to make a quickie post to declare a happy Beltane to everyone! If I have any readers of Wicca faith, then you're already familiar and hopefully celebrating with your sisters <3
I myself am not Wicca, I just play one on TV. I just lend my girls whatever energy I can so that hey can get a better formed circle. I think it's important to explore all reaches of yourself, so here's how your Zodiac signs align with Wicca elemental beliefs.

Earth Spirits
Virgos, Tauruses, Capricorns
Best suited with: Hematite, tree agate, chrysanthemum, epidote

Fire Spirits
Aries, Sagittariuses,  Leos
Best suited with: Citrine, malachite, tiger's eye, carnelian

Air Spirits
Geminis,  Libras, Aquariuses
Best suited with: Lapis, selenite, moonstone, amethyst

Water Spirits
Cancers,  Scorpios, Pisces
Best suited with: Aquamarine, white opal, pink tourmaline, kunzite

If you circle for feminism, use moonstones
If you circle for grounding, use quartz
If you circle for strength, use agate and opal
If you circle for love, use rose quartz and turquoise
When you celebrate Beltane, wear a flower crown in your hair and celebrate your inner woman. If you're a man, join your girls with a flower crown and celebrate all the beautiful women in your life.
Until tomorrow, celebrate your ladies!
xoxo - 
Trina Belle

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  1. I've never heard of Beltane so I've just researched it. The fire festival in Edinburgh looks amazing! So colourful I'm an air spirit :D