Friday, May 4, 2012

Thriftin' Digs

Okay. So this is not the best picture I've ever posted.
I'm at home for a little while, and I just could not freaking find one good angle to take one from. The sun really overexposed every other picture that I did manage to get. Tomorrow I'll find somewhere in the back yard or something. Ridiculous bunch of sun. 
Went out to three Goodwills with Sam today! It was an interesting trip, especially considering that we came up moderately empty handed. That never happens at our local Goodwills. It may be because tomorrow is special super saturday; first saturday of the month. So everything will be 50% off tomorrow anyway. They may be waiting to put out new stuff until then. But I digress. 

This is actually the only thing I ended up getting out of the three Goodwills we went to. I think it's a personal record. It's a half sheer, floral dress. You really can't see the detail of it, but it's a open top, corset front close dress at the bust. It's very very cute. I think it's from Norway or something? That's what the tag says. Outfit post coming with it tomorrow! $8. 

I actually got this a couple days ago from America's thrift store. You guys all remember my black over sized knit sweater that I cannot stop wearing? Of course you do, considering it's been in 75% of my outfit posts. Well it's seen better days. It kept getting caught on everything I walked past, and it got more and more holes. That along with the 20 pounds I've lost, it's gone from baggy and over sized to a freaking tent. So I found this beautiful creature and decided to replace my departed sweater friend. $3.

Most of this stuff I actually got at a little store in Murfreesboro, Tn. I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but it's located right next to Icon Tattoo and Piercing. (Sentimental value marker: where I got my nose done!) It's a small wiccan/neo-pagan store with all manor of goodies. 
I got the cross earrings with the blue lapis stones there. They match my MTAC necklace so so so perfect. I dropped $11 whole dollars on them, but I do think I'll wear them out.
The candle is actually just a honeysuckle oil candle. My alter candle burnt out in like a day, so this is is just a good smelling replacement. 
The little stones around the candle are from the same little shop. From left to right: bloodstone, tree agate, tiger's eye, amethyst, amethyst. These are just for general carrying or circling. The bloodstone and the tiger's eye are two of Sam's elemental stones. She's a fire. I'm an earth, and the tree agate is one of my personal stones. Amethyst stones are just good general stones to have for rainy days. 
The stud earrings behind the candle actually came from eBay. Vintage, enamel moon and star. $1.

That's all for today. Bigger outfit post coming tomorrow.
Love love-

Trina Belle

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