Thursday, August 16, 2012

☽ Galaxy DIY: Dr. Martens ☾

So I finally did something clothing productive! Don't freak out, I'm not an alien.
I've been looking around the internet lately, because really, what else is there to do. I've been seeing a TON of galaxy print. I've been wanting a piece of this trend since I first saw a pair of galaxy print leggings, but when I came across galaxy print shoes, I sort of flipped my shit. We're talking mouth agape, totally nuts. 
What's weird about this trend is how much people think you need to pay for it.
This is my budget galaxy print tutorial for a pair of kick ass space age doc martens.

So yeah. I just made those.
It took 2 hours, using acrylic paint, nail polish, and a 10 dollar pair of doc martens. All in all, I'll guess that the project cost about $12. It really was incredibly easy to do as well.

Here's the step by step picture tutorial for painting them. The quality is not very good, because these were taken with my droid. I would tell you some horrible story about how the lockness monster ate my camera in an epic battle for world peace, but really, I'm just out of batteries again. There's no flash in the tutorial images, but it's really pretty self-explanatory.

Step 1: Aquire your shoes.
 This little endeavor obviously doesn't have to be done on a pair of doc martens. This paint job can be done on any shoe. The only real requirement is that the shoe be leather, otherwise the kinds of paints I used won't work as well. 

Step 2: Aquire your materials.
For this DIY, you will need acrylic paint in blue, dark purple, dark red, organge, and black. You will need nail polish, or fabric paint if you would like to try something adventurous, in white. You'll also need a rough sort of stippling brush or a sponge brush. You'll need a pretty small one for control. 

Step 3: Get red all over.
Do an all over red coat on your shoes. NOTE: your colors and my colors might turn out differently. I started with a textured gray shoe. But the all over red color will help with getting similarity. 
Step 4: Get splotchy. 
Now you're going to start in with your galaxy colors. These coats should be added with your stipple/sponge brush, in a very imperfect way. You want all the colors to be spotty like the real galaxy. Here's the order you add your colors in:
Start with blue:
   Then get friendly with the purple:
 Add in your black:
 (NOTE: The black and white shouldn't be added in nearly as much as your blue and purple. If you add to much black, it'll really overpower your print, which you really don't want. Never fear: even if you add to much black, you can always go back over it.)
Add in your white:
 (NOTE: You'll need a touch more white than black, but again, not nearly as much as your purple and blue.)
Last but not least, a touch of orange:
The last step you'll do is add in your stars. For both this and my white splotches, I used white nail polish. I did this because I figured the lacquer would show up better against the dark colors. 
I didn't take a picture of the star adding, but all I did was dip the needle of a safety pin into my white paint, and lightly tap it onto the shoe in little clusters of three or four.
Remember to add size variation to your stars. Some need to be bigger, some smaller. Space them all randomly, and you've got yourself a galaxy! 

The end result doesn't have to be perfect: just let this be a fun project in blending colors and having a fun two hours covered in paint.

I hope you liked this little photo-torial! Hopefully I'll be doing more soon.

☯ - Katrina



  1. So, I have like the dark green Docs I want to make galaxy print, are there any other procedures I should take?

    1. Holy cow, I just saw this comment. The answer (that apparently takes a year long) is no, probably not. I painted mine all red first before I started, so you should probably do that. But, chances are, you already did it, because holy crap, I'm answering you like a year later. Sorrysorrysorrysorry