Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY: Neon Cameo Earrings

I saw the neon cameo thing on a couple of blogs, and I dug it. I always had a little cameo thing, probably because for most of my teen years I wanted nothing more than to be reborn in pre-victorian era England and go to boarding school and drink tea or some shit.
Those were dark times.
DIY difficulty was like sub zero on this one. So easy.
As far as cost, all you pretty much need to BUY are the earrings. Unless you never paint your nails or something.
This DIY took me about 10 minutes.
2 contrasting colors of nail polish
-I picked a minty green and a sort of greyish brown. I didn't want to go too nuts. I used Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Green with Envy and Sinful Colors nailpolish in Nirvana.
1 pair of cameo earrings
-I got mine form Forever 21 for like $4 I think.
1 safety pin
-This is for getting out some of the finer details in the cameo.
 -First paint the lighter color area. I decided that I wanted the nice lady the green color, so I painted her first. I just used the nail polish brush to pretty much cover the entire thing.
-Then I spread the color around a bit with the safety pin and then got in the finer lines of the cameo.
-Next get your darker color and dab it around the outside of the cameo. Be careful not to get your light color into your dark. Just go slow.
That's it! It's an easy peasy one and I loved the outcome.
Hope you try this one! Let me know if you do!!

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