Wednesday, December 5, 2012

While i've been away

It's been awhile.
I've been diving head first into nursing school pre-reqs, which is, unfortunately, the hardest thing I've ever tried to do. So I haven't had time to put on clothes that were acceptable to photograph, much less photograph anything. So here's some shots from the past few months.

My DIY Halloween costume. I was Gaia.

A night of studying. Me and Ashley decided to split the nacho pound from Taco Bell. It was so shameful.

Costume for a small convention in chatt. I was Mary Kelly.

You all remember my little bite-sized god daughter? She's six months old now. Isn't she beautiful?

....i put Riku in a commander's hat from build-a-bear. 

Sam's 21st bat-man birthday. She's an adult and stuff.

I'm officially on Christmas break, and so my hell will be over for a while. I'll be around for a month or so, and maybe a little in the next semester. 



  1. Good luck with nursing school! It's hard to be a working woman and keep up with a blog. Kudos to you!

    By the way, GREAT Mary Kelly costume. I love Jack the Ripper. I went on a midnight tour of all of his murderous spots when I was in London. Awesome.

    1. Thanks love :) It was so sticky. I was covered in latex and fake blood for like 48 hours straight.