Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY Fabric Inspiration

Yesterday was the first Saturday of the month. If you're a second hand slut, then you should know: everything at Goodwill was 50% off yesterday. I slept in, so the store was a bit picked over by the hipsters of North Chattanooga. They're like a roving gang. 
Even though they had definitely been there, there were still some great finds. 
I was actually hunting for some specifics this time. Everything I found needed a little TLC to get it up to par, but I was super happy with my purchases. 

 The first, of course, is a leather satchel type thing. My backpack from last year kind of got screwed up, so I've been in need of something else to carry my crap in for school. Last semester, I just used my leather purse from Cooperative. But I saw this little number and loved it. The other is a hardback book with some heavy paper. The additive on both of these items was the cute floral fabric. 
A little bit of contrast fabric makes almost anything pop. It can turn a simple professor's satchel into a modern piece. It can breathe new life into an already adorable vintage suitcase. (Check this out.)
This 1/4 yard from Hobby Lobby gave these items their finishing touches.
With the satchel, I just covered the front flap using Elmer's Fabric Glue. I have to say, it's probably one of the best fabric glue's I've used. The smell is horrendous, but the hold is permanent. 

I planned to start an art journal this year: I love things like the 365 photo project, but to make myself presentable enough for a photo 365 days out of the year is absolutely unmanageable. So, instead, I thought an art journal would be fun. But hard bound journals with lots of paper are actually a bit pricy. So instead, I bought a 99 cent book from Goodwill and dressed it up. I covered the binding with the fabric, and added a little ripped fabric bow, along with a "2012 Art Journal" plaque. 
The first page was a little seasons drawing with a couple of resolutions. I'm really excited to fill up all the pages this year!!! 
Until next time, you are the dark ocean bottom
and I am the fast sinking anchor.
-Trina Belle