Saturday, January 14, 2012

Think of it as thrift.. a gift. (If you get my drift.)
I am just full of pun today. 
Today I went to my favorite thrift spot ever, hoping for some separates, a nice sweater, and some general pretty things. I did my quick prayer to the thrift store gods, and as usual, it worked beautifully. 
I was hoping for a day of quiet thrifting, but apparently, so did everyone else. The place was packed. 
This was the only shot I could get without copious amount of people.
Oh, America's Thrift Store. You are my shining glory. My unborn child. My dream. My love.
You and your piles of tacky dresses. 
When it comes to thrifting in the shores North Chattanooga/Hixson, you kind of having to fight the piles of hipsters. (Me included.)
The trick is getting there earlier than they get out of bed. So, you know, around 2 in the afternoon. 
But I was a little late, so it was a little picked over. But I still found some great stuff. 
The first thing is this amazingly cute tin coffee mug from Fossil. For $1.40, this one got my :O face. I've been looking for something to carry my coffee in for school. I was hoping for a thermos or something with a lid, but I didn't succeed in that arena.
I got this little number for Samantha. She needed a coffee carrier as well, and I thought it was super campy. 
I did actually purchase some clothing on this little outing. 

The floral blouse is pretty fun. Kind of a frilly puffy little number. I like frills. And puffs. And of course floral. So this one was a given. The sweater is pretty freaking awesome. I've been off my nut about sweaters since it turned cold on the mountain, so I needed another. It's a batwing/poncho with sleeves. It's like wearing a blanket. It. Is. AWESOME.
Hopeful for one more post tonight (DIY), so get ready for that. 
-Trina Belle

Belle of the ball

Yes. I made a pun. What of it. (come at me.)
This is my best friend/room mate Samantha. And this is her beautiful Belle dress that she wore to Beauty and the Beast last night. We saw the 3D rendition in theaters, and I'm pretty impressed. They did a great job on restoring all the animation, and turning into 3D form. 
She made that dress. I know. You're impressed. Get in line.
-Trina Belle