Sunday, January 15, 2012

To live and to die

"Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no to-morrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace."
- Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

I don't have any followers on this blog yet. At least, that's what in draft is telling me. If you're following me anonymously, then maybe you care enough to know about my personal life. 
I have two grandmothers, and one grandfather. My paternal grandfather passed on before I even became: before I even was, he was gone. I've never even seen his grave. I didn't see a picture of him until two years ago. I'm almost twenty. 
My paternal grandmother's name was Bobbie. She was a strong headed woman with little regard to rules or regulations. She married an Italian immigrant at 16, and made two incredible children with him. She drank and smoked herself silly. She was beautiful.
I loved her. I always loved her. I say loved, because I just got a phone call from my mother. She passed on: hopefully to somewhere beautiful, where she has her husband that she lost over 30 years ago, her sister than she lost over 10 years ago, and her parents, whom she lost over 16 years ago. 
Even though we weren't always close, I will love her forever. 
Among e-mailing professors, and throwing clothes in a suitcase, I'm blogging about my dead grandmother. I guess the only way I can say why, is that I don't want to lose this feeling. Everything that I'm feeling in this very moment, I can't lose it. I don't know if anyone is reading, or if anyone is out there. But I may look back one day and see who I was now, and who I was then, and how I felt when tragedy struck. 
Until next time, be at peace.

DIY Inspiration: Geometric Jewelry

I meant to put this up yesterday, but time got away from me. Oh well. It's up now!
This DIY was inspired by this one on Sincerely Kinsey. I love geometric jewelry lately. I found a cute little Northshore store, Leo, that sells it. But sells similar pieces for $30 each. And if I am nothing but a broke college student, that's pretty much it. I loved how Kinsey made her geometric necklace with paint chips: they're a great medium and they're FREE. She was my inspiration, but I made mine a little differently.
The little triangle charm was inspired by the one from my Etsy wishlist a few days ago. I've seen the triangle earrings on UO a few times, or at least something similar. If you'd like the tutorial, keep reading!

Geometric Paint Chip Jewelry: (As adapted from Sincerely Kinsey)
-Paint chips (I got mine from Lowes)
-Super glue (I used Krazy glue for crafting)
-Earring pieces
-Jewelry hoops

Triangle Pendent
1: Take two paint chips. I used "Gold Leaf" EE2094 from Lowes. It has a metallic sheen to it similar to real metal.
2: Take your Krazy Glue and go around the backside of one of the Gold Leaf chips. Make sure to get the edges and the middle!
3: Take the other Gold Leaf chip and press it against the one with crazy glue. You should have two paint chips glued together with the gold side showing on both. 
Side Note: The reason I did this is because it makes the paint chip much sturdier, and much less like a paint chip. 
4: Now cut the triangle out of the glued Gold Leaf paint chip. Cut it at a pretty good size. It should take up most of the paint chip.
5: Now take the small triangle color you want on the bottom. I used Tea Light CI 163 from Lowes. 
6: Repeat steps 2&3 with the small triangle color. 
7: Cut your small triangles out of the paint chip. I used the edges. since the bottom is automatically straight!
8: Glue on the small triangles at the base of the big triangle using Krazy glue. 
9: Use a needle or straight pin to make a hole at the top point of the triangle.
10: Put your jewelry hoop and attach it to a chain!

Tiered Triangle Earrings
1: Pick out your colors. I chose three different metallic shades: Copper Gleam EE2036 for the top, Aged Brass EE2038 for the middle, and Gold Leaf EE2094 for the bottom.
2: Glue your chips together like in the tutorial above.
3: Cut your triangles out (Make sure they're the same sizes!!)
4: Put small dots of crazy glue at the tip of the top triangle of your Copper Gleam/top color. Then put it against the base of the Aged Brass/middle color. 
5: Do the same thing to your Gold Leaf/bottom color.
6: Push a needle though the base of your top triangle.
7: Attach your earring base with pliers!

That's it!! I hope you liked my adaptation of this tutorial! Until next time, feel your lungs inflate.
-Trina Belle

The Internet gives the finger

On January 18, 2012, the internet has planned a blackout. A crap ton of major networks/sites are going offline to protest the stop online piracy act, or SOPA. I am planning to do the same. This bill is a load of crap, and despite the fact that a majority of Americans are opposed, Congress will attempt to pass it into senate. This bill is akin to censorship laws that have been put into place in China and Iraq. 
If you'd like to show your support as a blogger/website owner, sign your website up at here.
I hope to see some supporters! 
-Trina Belle