Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My style icons

I wanted to add a little fun to today's posts. So I think I'll close the day with a post with my top ten style icons. I hope you enjoy :) I will, of course, link to these awesome ladies if they have something specific to link to.

1: Keiko Lynn
(Picture taken from this post)

I won't lie about it. I'm a freak when it comes to Keiko Lynn's blog. Not only is she a great blogger, but oh my god. The clothes. Theclothestheclothestheclothes. She has such a great balance of vintage and designer, and it all meshes together seamlessly to create an amazing outcome. She's definitely a style icon of mine, and a blogging icon as well. 

2: Elsie Larson
(Picture taken from this post)

Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess is adorable. Not only adorable. Adorkable. Zooey Deschanel adorkable. I love that her style mixes a bit of both 60's and 70's. This great vintage sweater looks so amazing on her, I think that it's because what she paired it with. She's a vintage wizard.

3: Mary Kate Olsen
(Picture from Google)

I love Mary Kate Olsen's fashion. I love it. I feel like such a nerd, because I had so much Mary Kate and Ashley clothing when I was super young. And now that I'm 20, she's an icon again. I mean, holy shit, look at her HAIR. If you've read some earlier posts, I have a thing for long hair. Mostly because I'm trying to grow mine out. But I digress. Either way, Mary Kate Olsen is very bohemian, very 60's, and very beautiful. 
4: Laura of Violet Bella
(Picture from this post)

I love Laura's look. I usually don't like the blonde bottoms of a brunette. But I make an exception for this lady. I loved her posted outfits, especially all the native print and the leather elements that she includes.
5: Jill of Lune Vintage
 (Picture from this post)

Her blog definitely has me pining for a trip to Canada. I love all the crochet knits, the moon inspiration, the feathers, and of course, the vintage, that is within her style. And her hair. I need to stop looking at hair. I really do. 
6: Jess of Boho Baby Bump
 (Picture from this page)

How cute is she? I love dreads. I really do. I have a full synthetic dread wig that I steamed by hand. I wore it so much before winter, and I'm sure it'll be back on my head by summer. But even 9 months pregnant, this awesome lady has the gumption to get up and look pretty. That's a shock. My own god child is currently 6 months incubated, and all I'm hearing about is swollen boobs and horror stories. Jess has a great style, in and out of pregnancy. 

7:  Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky
(Photo from here)

I love Elizabeth's awesome ability to layer. She can pack so many different options onto one outfit, and she doesn't even look cluttered. If I attempted an outfit like this, I would look more over accessorized than batman. (Christopher Moore, anyone?) 
She respects the almighty floral, which is only a plus. If you visit her blog, be absolutely sure that you look at her incredible wedding photos! It's one of the cutest wedding albums i've ever seen. 

8:  Faye Dunaway
(Photo from Google)

 Love her or hate her, Faye Dunaway was a fucking STUNNER during her hay day. I mean, look at those eyes! She could shoot you with that piece and not even consider it. Her look back then was classic, and it should still be appreciated today. 

9: Joan Jett
 (Photo from Google) 

Thought I don't rock my black leather as often as I used to, I still love to throw on my huge motorcycle jacket and big sunglasses to feel a little tougher. Black leather actually makes you feel 43% tougher. It's a fact that I just made up. No one rocked it like Joan Jett, in my opinion. She is still as amazing today as she was then.

10: Cher
 (Photo from Google)

Don't get me wrong! I love current Cher. But the way she embraced a piece of herself that she formally found to be a flaw, and turned it into fashion? Kick ass. And did I mention her hair? 

That's all for now. Thanks so much for keeping up with all my blogging today: I know there was  a lot! But I'm glad I finally got to do some posting after a 5 day hiatus. Until next time, live and let live.

-Trina Belle 

Family Jewels

In my last post related to my dear and departed, I would like to share the jewelry that my grandmother left me. This isn't all of it, not by a long shot. But these are just a couple pieces I picked that meant a great deal to me.
The first piece I'll mention is the 'B' charm necklace. I've worn it, along with a pair of her earrings, every day since the funeral. I love reaching up to my neck and feel the warm metal there. It reminds me of her.
The second piece is the small heart. In 1949, my great great grandfather got her that locket for Christmas. It's so beautiful, and I can hardly wait to get it repaired so that I can wear it.
The third piece is the initial ring with the small jewel in the middle. This belonged to my great grandmother, Dorthy Mae Cook. Some of my most distinct memories of my grandmother is of her wearing this ring. It's so nice to have pieces that remind me of her.
The last piece is the incredible charm bracelet. She had three: one for me, one for my aunt, and one for my cousin. This is the charm bracelet with all of the charms that she gathered traveling with my grandfather: he was a Sargent in the Airforce for a while, before retiring. After the service, he managed clubs on bases. My father, aunt, and grandmother traveled all over Europe with him, and this charm bracelet has so many memories from the beautiful places they went. 
I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading (if you have, that it is) all the posts that I've made today. I miss my grandmother so much, and I know she'll be with me always.
Until next time, let your love fly.
-Trina Belle

The most precious relics

I took several things from my grandmother's home when I left. I decided I'd share the beautiful heirlooms that I collected in my time there. 
I carried my treasures away in this set of brown wicker nesting chests that my grandmother had in her garage. I think I may turn them into storage for clothing that isn't season current. Or maybe I'll turn them into hope chests. Either way, I loved how beautiful they were, and I always remember them hanging out in her garage. 
This is the smaller of the chests. The glass boot was a staple in the room that I always slept in. She had a set of two, and kept pens and other oddities in them. I got one, and my cousin did as well. There is also a very adorable, 70's floral print table cloth. I can't wait to put it on my own table. At the top left hand, I have one of my grandfather's vintage fedoras. I know. An Italian in a fedora. It's so cliche. But who gives a crap?
I found these amazing little mugs above her fridge. I was always such a little forager when it came to her house. She had such incredible treasures tucked away in the strangest places. I found a set of 13, and can't wait to host a party with them. I'm sure she used them for Irish coffees 30 years ago.
I found the hand painted porcelain jar with a cork cover in another kitchen cabinet. It was love at first site.
The last piece in the little chest were her embroidered napkins. I don't know when I'll ever use them, but I couldn't leave without them.
Now to the larger chest.
 The quilt print pillowcase I just happened upon in one of the spare rooms. I love it though. On the right is another of my grandfather's fedoras. The birds at the base of the chest are super old wall hanging decorations. Sam and I are planning to mount them over our front door.
One of the first things I added to this chest was the beautiful portrait done of my great grandmother, Mama Cook. This was done in 1949, in Chattanooga! I want to hang it somewhere in my room. 
This is probably one of my favorite things of hers. I've seen this tiny glass blue birds since I was a child. My mother had to stand on a chair to get them from the high shelve, but every time I see them, I think about her.
I found these stone platter soup mugs along with the Irish Coffee mugs. There are about 16 of these. I need to have a soup and coffee party. Official. Below the soup mugs is her beautiful crochet table cloth. I found that little number in her silver cabinet.
The last thing is this flower branch wall art. This matches the birds in the earlier photo. These hung in her dining room for as long as I can remember, and I can't wait to hang them in my own home and look at them everyday. 
That's all for now. Until next time, collect your treasures.
-Trina Belle

When tragedy strikes

I'm sure you can't tell by the picture's I've posted of myself, because you'd have to be pretty in tune to tap into my ancestral roots. But I'll go ahead and give you a hint. When we're in trouble, we don't call the police. We call uncle Al. 
I'm Italian! Was that previous joke extremely lame? Why yes. Yes it was.
If you've met any heavily Italian families, then you know. We love food. Too much. That mixed in with my native Tennessee, I'm a bit devoted to my food. 
It's often said that tragedy breeds creativity. In my case, when tragedy strikes, I cook. 
My grandmother's house was filled with people Wednesday and Thursday. We needed deserts, and fast. 
Bobbie was an incredible cook. She was a housewife by trade, and spent all day in the kitchen, no joke intended. She made immaculate meals: twenty years ago she made wonton and eggroll dough from scratch, made the wontons and eggrolls, fried rice, and sweet and sour chicken. She did it as a dinner for two people: my aunt and her best friend. Apparently it was the best Chinese food ever, and I'm so pissed I wasn't alive yet.
But I digress. I decided to make a memorial to my grandmother's incredible food by making some of it myself. 
My carrot cake came from a box. So it wasn't nearly as good as hers. Her's would make Peter Rabbit leave Mr. McGregor's garden and come to Florida full time. I'm serious.
My grandmother was popular with the boys. After her husband passed on, the senior citizens were all about her. One of the men she attracted is named Raymond Mac. To me, he's been Mr. Mac for 20 years. I never got to meet my grandfather. But he's been all I could need and more. Bobbie would always make him pineapple upside down cake. It was my first time trying such a cake, but I did an alright job I think.
This was one of Bobbie's most favored creations. It was a hit with my daddy as well. I'm most proud of this, my Watergate cake. If you've never had watergate cake, it's pretty incredible. It's a pistachio, lemon lime, vanilla cake with a great pecan crunch on the top. When we would visit Bobbie, we wouldn't reach her home until probably 3 in the morning. We live 10 hours away, and we always seemed to leave later than we intended. But we'd come in, and she's always call for us from her bedroom door. To get to her room, you past through the kitchen. There would always been at least 2 cakes waiting on us to arrive. Typically a pound cake and a watergate cake. It was a familiar taste of her that was nice to have at the time of her passing.
The last dessert was one of my own creation. I called it Bobbie Cake, because it reminded me of her. A little tropical, a little heavy, with a twinge of alcohol. It's a pineapple cake base, cut peaches, cinnamon, and of course, sangria. In all honesty, I wish I'd had a vanilla base mix. But I was pretty much trying to use up her cabinet. They were pretty good, in my opinion. 

I wanted to remember her during her special day. And even though I may never be a cook like she was, I wanted her great food immortalized.
I'll miss her forever. In a world that needs more dancers, she was a hula-girl at heart.

-Trina Belle

To live a beautiful life

I'm really sorry I've been completely absent this week. I lost my camera cord throughout transit to and from Florida. It wasn't until today that I realize my camera has an SD card. -facepalm-

I can finally share some of the moments of my grandmother's wake. 
Don't worry. No gruesome pictures.
In typical funerals, a large picture of the family member is blown up to a larger size and put on display. My grandmother was anything but typical, so I decided to take it upon myself to do something different. 
I, along with my mother and aunt, sorted through hundreds of pictures. This was as many that I could fit on the folding board. The others that were left, I put into memorial candle jars, along with some flame less candles. 
I added a few extra things from her jewelry/accessory selection to put a little more of her into it. 
Everyone really enjoyed seeing my grandmother in all the different stages of her life. I think she would have liked it to.
 Pre-board picture.

 My grandmother helping my aunt Anna at her wedding. Aren't they both beautiful?

 My grandmother with my grandfather. It's creepy how much he and my dad look alike.
 Probably my favorite pictures out of the entire board. This is my grandmother from when she was about 16 years old, in an old style photo booth. I'm so glad I took these home. I mean, look at that face.
My mom thinks that we look alike. But I don't think so. I think that she and Anna look the most alike. I mean, just look at them!
It's so amazing to see my grandmother in these pictures. I adore her hair and her dress. My aunt's wedding dress was also BEAUTIFUL. I'm so glad my grandfather was alive long enough to see her get married. 

This was a huge post, but I wanted to do my grandmother, Bobbie Rae Mazza, justice in this collection of memories. I hope you enjoyed the look into my grandmother's beautiful life.
Until next time, stay golden.
-Trina Belle