Saturday, March 3, 2012


Let me start up by saying that I had a great time last night with my girls. Everyone got drunk. Except for me. Because I got stuck with DD duty. The things I do for love.
On that note. 
First saturday of the month!! You know what that means! GOODWILL TIME. 
Yes, it's time again to suit up and put on your best water proof pants and head over to your neighborhood cheap clothing shelter. I'm home in Nashville for the weekend, which means I get to shop at my favorite Goodwill of Tennessee. 
My grandmother always says that the first saturday of the month is the worst time to shop at a Goodwill. Not because of the awesome sale prices, but because it's literally wall to wall people. But I braved the crow and decided to give it a go this month.
I enjoy my local Goodwill near my apartment, but only to a small degree. I don't find nearly as much in there as I do in MY Goodwill. 
(Yes, it's mine. Sometimes you just get attached.)
I really racked up, so I thought I'd share.

First up, a brownish striped sweat shirt. The turtle neck is going to be a scoop neck once I find my good scissors. $4, marked down to $2.

A brown crochet knit tank top. I've been looking for a bunch of crochet knits for a couple weeks now. I don't know why I'm so obsessed all the sudden, but I can't help it recently. $4, marked down to $2. 

Adorable hobo bag with heavy poncho style fabric. $3, marked down to $1.50.

This blue polka-dot dress caught my eye really quick. I've been scouring for robin egg blues or mints: colors that look great on red heads. This number needs some work, as it comes past my knees and therefore makes me look 4'7. $6, marked down to $3.

That wasn't the entire haul, but those are my favorite pieces. They all need a hint of DIY, but I'm so happy that I got to go and shop my Goodwill again. 
Last thing i'll share is  this:

A pair of clear flats and some black crochet fabric. This will turn into a DIY later in the week? Excited? What am I saying, of course you are.
A word of the wise for ANYONE shopping Goodwill the first saturday of the month. If it's your first time. Get prepared. Brace yourself to get your butt brushed and body checked more than once. Also, prepare for some grossness associated with it. (See: vomit all over the dressing room floor) 
It's worth it if you can find some great stuff.
Until next time, be thrifty!

-Trina Belle