Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sniffle Thrifts

Top: Thrift, 50 cents
Short: Thrift, 50 cents
Hat: Thrift, 25 cents
Necklace: Thrift, 30 cents

Oh the joys of outfits that cost less than 3 dollars. That doesn't include my shoes that you can't see, but they were 75 cents. So screw that.
These are a couple things that  I bought at Samaritan Center: that thrift store that is so cheap it makes your neighborhood Goodwill look like the mall. 
This is like, the crappiest post ever, as there is one picture and you can barely see anything in it. But I'll give you a few reasons:
1: I'm sick and feel like punching someone in the throat, not taking pretty pictures.
2: My camera batteries are still fo-crud, and I haven't gotten to buy more.
And 3, I've gotten 40 whole blog views today and I'm pretty darn proud. I've gotten just over 600 since I started blogging, which is honestly not awesome in terms of internet, but it's pretty awesome to me. 
So I didn't want to end today with no blog post. Now I'm going to consume my weight in Dayquil and try to focus on 12 hours of Chemistry homework. Yuck!
Until next time, buy me some kleenex. 

-Trina Belle