Friday, March 9, 2012

Wishlist for Summer

Okay, so I lied about doing an outfit post today. It wasn't an intentional lie! I just had zero time for anything. I had like 12 hours of chemistry homework that I needed to do before I could officially start my spring break. FINALLY. A week of nothing but sleeping late!! 
I'm in the process of laundry, packing for home, and online shopping, when I realize that there are some very important things that I need to get before summer!
I thought I'd make a little wishlist to help me remember, and just to share.

1: A pair of Creepers!
I've been aching for a pair of creepers for a while. I bought a pair of platforms a couple years ago, and waited forever for them to arrive. When they did, however, they were HUGE. I mean, these things put me up 6 extra inches! Not to mention, that the bottoms are very heavy. I can barely walk in the things. So so so. I figure now may be a good time to replace them!

2: One of the Dr. Martens Satchels

Okay, I mean....can we just talk about love for a minute? Ever since I saw these pop up all over the internet, I've been in serious need of one. If they weren't so garsh darn expensive. I smell a present. 

3: A Turban Headband

I've been after one of these for a while as well, but every time I've had an opportunity to purchase one, I was busy trying to buy something else. I really love hair accessories in the summer. 

4: These Shorts

I saw this cute little number the last time I was in Target. But have you ever had moments when you were so lazy that going to the dressing room and trying on a pair of shorts sounded like the end of the world? That's where I was. But I'll bite the bullet and go into stupid Target so I can try on some stupid shorts. Because they're so freaking fraking cute. 

5: A Pair of Litas

I've been needing some of these shoes for a few months now. I know they won't get worn too much, which means that one pair should actually last me forever. I need to go ahead and just buy a pair new, I know. But 160 dollars for shoes is killing me. I buy my clothes at 50 cent stores for craps' sake.

6: This Quilt from UO

I know what you're thinking. 
A quilt?
But it's summer. 
And typically you would be right. But summer nights can get downright freaking cold. And when I go to a last minute campfire set up in the backyard of a friend because we wanted an excuse to make smores and act like idiots, I want to look pretty and warm. Duh. 

7: The Naked Palette
Yeah yeah, I know I'm a little late on the wagon. I've seen this thing around for a while, and I have really wanted it. But I think I may ask mommy to take me to Ulta with her fancy coupon and get my very own Naked palette. I'm still trying to figure out which colors look good with my new hair.

8: Fancy Tights

I need more tights in my life. Can you ombre dye tights? I really hope so. 

What a weird number for a list.
But that's all I can come up with considering that it's 3 in the morning! 
Obviously, all pictures belong to their respective owners, and I did not take any of them, nor do I own any of these items. 
Until next time, pack your trunk.

-Trina Belle

Fashion Blogging as a Whole

I promise promise promise that I'll do some kind of outfit post today. I left my camera at home and have to fanagle something, but i'll figure it out.
I have an hour between classes, and I'd like to use it just to comment upon something that I've been seeing on a few different blogs that I follow religiously.
There seems to be a rift going on in fashion blogging. What started out as a fun, simple way to share your personal style has become something of a 9 headed beast that Tolkien would write on.
The problem that everyone seems to be having with fashion blogging recently, is that it's become somewhat commercialized.I don't know if that's even the right sort of word, but let's talk about it.
If you're a beautiful, shapely, and successful fashion blogger (typically 200+ followers) you'll start getting sponsors. These sponsors send you free crap from their stores that you can wear on your blog: clothing, shoes, jewelry or otherwise. You wear this stuff and give credit to the store that made it. Simple concept, that I'm honestly not against. I don't believe that sponsors are a bad thing. If someone offered me free clothes, and they were something that I would actually wear, then hell yes I will wear your free clothes. As long as the content that you put out there as a blogger is true to you, then I don't think you've broken a golden blogging rule.
The big problem is that people are taking clothes from high labels and wearing them on high quality professional photographs, and it stops looking like a blog. It looks like a reblog from a runway show.
My problem with having big wig design sponsors is that they all look so similar.
"Fashion" becomes one look that has been put together one way.
And that is not what personal style should be all about. Fashion should be individual, not one size fits all.
Keep in mind that if you want to be a blogger with 9000 followers over night, then you need to bow to the hype, blog about Kony 2012, and wear Dolce and Gabanna. But don't do it if that's not who you really want to be perceived as.
A blog is just a giant diary: something people look at to see who you are in private life and what you believe in. If you're a fashion blogger, please wear what makes you happy everyday, and not what makes you rich with sponsors.
Lucky for me, I am no where near fashionable.
I think that makes me a Thrift blogger.

-Trina Belle