Monday, March 19, 2012


Shirt: Pac Sun
Sweater: American Rag
Pouch Necklace: Thrifted
Leggings: Bleach DIY
Shoes: Minnetoka
Readers: UO

This is probably going to be one of the few shots I get of me without makeup. It seems like I'm in it all the time!
After going home from not eating anything all day, I sort of felt like a huge pile of crap. And the first thing I wanted to do was take all my makeup off. I don't think it was noticeable in the last set of pictures I put up, but I was in quite a hurry this morning, and painted my eyeliner on two different thicknesses. I looked crazed all day. 
My room mate had to meet a client that she's costuming for, so I had to put something more comfortable on or I was going to shoot myself. I kept my bleached leggings, but I needed a t-shirt to drown my sorrow in. Then I noticed how insane I looked with no makeup, and decided to hide behind a pair of big readers. 
I think I actually like THIS outfit more than my other this morning!
My room mate is on the other side of the restaurant, talking to her clients about the project, and I'm over here hiding and blogging! Sometimes I get really nervous around big crowds of people. My ADD turns the filter to my mouth completely off, so sometimes I end up saying offensive things or being generally strange. I guess I didn't want to embarrass her ;)
We used to costume together, but there came a time when I just realized I wasn't excelling enough, especially not compared to her. I still make pieces on occasion, but just for close friends. 
I put that dream in the closet, and took my dream of being a nurse out.
How'd I get off on this tangent?!
You guys distract me.


Trina Belle


Shirt: TJ Maxx
Glassess: Thrift
Headband: Thrift
Necklaces: Vintage, Leo of Chattanooga
Shoes: Rue 21 forever ago

It is so hard to get pictures when it is this hot outside!
Today we reached an all time high for March: the last I checked, it was 95 outside. I was really hoping I would get a tan walking back from class, but alas, I was disappointed. Always a tomorrow, I suppose.
Most of these pictures had to be cropped, mostly because I was super unbalanced today, and feeling particularly hawkward. Yes, it's a word. 
You can't see my new bleach dye leggings, but never fear, I've got a picture of them for next post. 
My cute little blue tunic shirt was great today, mostly because it was hotter than hell. It has a cat. It says Catnap. Hence the post name.
You can see my super awkward toes in these! I love sandals, mostly because I hate wearing shoes. But my toes are so unusual. I kind of curled them inward, because otherwise they'd look even stranger. My dad has the same toes, so you can blame him. Actually, you could probably blame him for anything strange on me physically. I got pretty much everything from my dad. I'm like a little female clone.
I'd like to thank everyone for helping me break my 1000 barrier, and my record page views for one day: I love you all <3
Until next time, kiss and be kissed.
- Trina Belle