Monday, March 26, 2012

Beauty in culture

Shirt: Thrifted
Sweater: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Leggings: ?
Sunglasses: Nine West
Necklaces: Vintage, vintage, ebay, Leo
Rings: Vintage
Bindi: DIY

I think this whole outfit cost less than five dollars. The leggings may have been more, but I don't know, considering they aren't mine! My friend left them at my house forever ago. 
I hate double posting of clothes, so I'm sorry for the same shirt two posts in a row! I just love it. It's so comfy.
I looked particularly weird today, mostly because of my bindi. I love binids, but I've never worn one until today. I just didn't know how I felt about wearing something that is supposed to be reserved for a specific culture. I hate when people wear Native American war bonnets because it's extremely disrespectful to the culture. War bonnets represent great accomplishments, typically in combat or warfare. So when the size 00 girls get their war paint on and go take a photo shoot with a head dress and some American Spirit cigarettes, it kind of pisses me off. Maybe because it was their ancestors who introduced small pox to the population and turned in native heads for nickels. Maybe I'm just bitter. So you can see my reservation about wearing a bindi. So before I did it, I did some internet research. It turns out that bindis do have significance, but not one of a certain religion or ethnicity. Bindis are placed in the center of the forehead to protect that specific chakra, provide energy, and better concentration. I made a little one that night, and wore it today!
Making them are pretty easy. Thick paper, craft glue, and some silver beads is what I used. But I do want to order some prettier ones.
Today was tiring. Nap time!
- Trina Belle