Saturday, April 14, 2012

Showering Babies


These are some of the decorations from my Megan's baby shower. She is officially nine months pregnant today! I'm really hoping that baby doesn't show up early because I can't miss my fracking finals. Isn't she a doll?! Imagine how gorgeous this baby is going to be.

Dirty Hippies

Dress: Thrifted, $2.50
Necklaces: (Quartz) handmade, (Peace charm) UO, (Dragon claw) Renaissance fair, (Afghan necklace) MTAC vendor, (Hamsa hand) All things Groovy
Belt: Thrifted
Dread wig: Handmade
Hat: Thrifted
Readers: UO
Binid: Handmade

This was my outfit to go out to Play dance bar to see the gorgeous and talented Sharon Needles from Ru Paul's drag race. She was freaking amazing. It was really really crowded, and it did take us a minute to actually get up to see her on the stage. People did that thing, where all the tall people got in the very front, and didn't let anyone else see around them. It was worse that Lollapalooza crowd. Shows should be organized by height. Whatever.
I looked like a bit of a dirty hippie in this one, and I actually took some flack for it. Not from anyone random, just from some of my old friends. They informed me that I had gone into "full hipster no man land" territory, and didn't hesitate to tell me that I looked completely ridiculous.
If you've been checking out my blog for a bit, then you know that I'm a bit of a "I don't give a fuck" kind of girl. You do you, and I'll do me. I don't dress like a hippie for any particular reason other than the fact that it's how I like to dress. If you don't like my outfit, that's fine. I really don't care. If you do like my outfit, that's epic! I do care. But I don't like it when people come for me in a way that I find sort of disrespectful.
I didn't like the fact that my friends called me an idiot for wearing a bindi on my head. But what I've learned over the past 20 years is that you only have so much energy to devote to every single day on the earth. And the moment you use some of that energy to be irritated or spiteful or angry is the moment you lose some of the energy you could've used to do other crap. I know friends play with each other, and maybe I was being too sensitive. But when people that you care about tell you that you look completely stupid and that you as a person are stupid for wearing the clothes, it tends to make you feel a bit self conscious. And it did. For about 15 minutes. After that, I just didn't want to let it bother me.
I guess that the whole point of that little snippet of my life goes back to my body image post. Do and wear what makes you feel happy and beautiful. And the minute you start taking other peoples criticisms to your heart is the second you stop being you.
Love always-
Trina Belle