Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifts and tricks

Have you ever been thrifting, pick something up, and then say, eh what would I wear it with? This will just take up space in my closet for nine years and I'll never wear it. 
In the process of moving and packing up, I've noticed that I have way too much crap. So I started getting rid of some stuff that I never wore, and I've gotten the pile down to a pretty good size. So I've been trying to not pick up so much at the store. I need stuff to wear, but I can' let myself go too crazy you know?
Anyway, I had one of those moments I started this post with a couple days ago. It was a raspberry crochet knit sweater. I loved it initially, but then I thought asdfsdfosifoi i'm never going too weaarr thiiisss. 
I decided today that I was a big fat liar and I wanted that freaking sweater anyway.
It took a minute to find it, but I did pick it up!

The trip was for the sweater only, but I always have to peek through the dresses. And what I found was....oh just beautiful.

This is not the best picture ever. And I don' know the proper names for these kinds of garments. Indian women typically wear them though. It's a tunic dress with a patching genie pant kind of thing. I've seen them my whole life in thrift stores and the occasional goodwill. But fitting in one of these is not a walk in the park. Especially if you've got hips or a bigger bust. The bust on this one is still too small for me, but I can deal. I really want to wear this to the drive in on Sunday. 

Also! I bought a pair of beautiful bell bottoms the other week. I never got around the posting with. I tried to take pictures and do an outfit post, but it was humid as hell and my hair was not having any part of it.
Here's a little snap shot of them.

God my toes are weird.

-Trina Belle

DIY: Stud Shorts

Hey angels!
Did a minor DIY project yesterday while I was watching the Hamiltons. I picked up a new pair of shorts at Target a couple days ago while they were 50% off, and I felt they needed something a little snazzier. I love my floral print, but wanted something more. 
Back from my stud DIY post the other month, you all should know. I love me some clothes metal.
I had about 50 silver cone studs laying around from another project, and I used them to pimp my shorts. 
Just for reference, this project took about an hour. The only supplies used were the studs and a pair of needle nose pliers. 

Front and back. Nothing too snazzy. I may add more if I order another bulk of studs, but for now, I love how they turned out! 
Another post in about 20 minutes.

Love and live -

Trina Belle