Monday, December 9, 2013

The Christmas of DIY

So, truth time: decorating my house has sort of taken over my whole life.
We actually moved out of our tiny hole of an apartment this past May, and into an adorable little white house with a porch and everything. Since I'd taken this school year off to work, I found myself the tiniest bit bored. So, doing what any rational human in my position would do, I took it upon myself to make my house freaking adorable on every scale. Did I go a little over board for Halloween? Of course. Am I probably going to go a little over board for Christmas? 

I would say its a pretty safe assumption.
We actually weren't allowed to decorate our apartments for Christmas. Management said "that the owners really just liked everything to look uniform".

I know right? What kind of scrooges are these twinkle light hating freaks?
Now that we were permitted to decorate without fear, I embarked on the journey of planning my first outdoor Christmas decorations. As always, I went with as much DIY as I could. I really enjoyed the outcome of my projects, and wanted to share them with the internet in this new segment: The Christmas of DIY.
I didn't take too many progress shots (because I'm a loser) but I'll go through the steps, materials, and methods of each project as I go. I hope everyone out there is having a great December so far, and that hopefully everyone will enjoy the coming DIY posts!

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