Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas of DIY: Kantha Inspired Stocking


This is the first year I've hung a stocking. As an adult, anyway. 
I sort of knew from the very beginning that I wanted a stocking that incorporated some of the fabrics that I used in my belly dancer's costume from earlier this year. Which, by the way, did I ever post those pictures up here? I don't think I did. 


Yeah, that happened. I still can't believe I wore that the whole Renaissance fair. But I digress.
I tried to model this after a Kantha quilt. I really really love them to pieces. I want one. (So bad. Like so so bad.)

Here are the rest of the house stockings. 
Yes, the cat's have a stocking.
If you had to put up with his kind of nonsense during the holiday season wouldn't you feel entitled to a stocking?

Of course you would.
Get festive.