Sunday, August 10, 2014

Makeup review: Maybelline Nudes Palette

So recently i've been trying to switch to more natural brands for all my health/beauty products, as well as all of my food stuffs. It started with switching my body wash to organic and spiraled completely out of control.
I actually just bought some eyeshadow from NYX, my usual go to brand. Then I checked the label and it has two or three parabens in it as well as several other harmful chemicals. Then I thought I may as well finally splurge and get a HE nude palette. But seriously - Urban Decay, Too Face, Lorac, all full of crap. 

So then I decided I should try some drug store brands before I burned down Sephora.

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This palette doesn't have any parabens (at least none that I can see from the tiny ingredients) and the chemical list doesn't seem super bad for you. Hopefully Good Guide will have the full breakdown soon, but until then, let's live in some blissful ignorance, shall we?
The colors in this are actually not that bad. They aren't super buttery like HE brands are, but it's a ten dollar palette, so really what's the best you can expect?
I swatched all the colors in order, in sections of four.

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  The third matte color is either my exact skin tone or not at all very pigmented. But the first color is shimmery, and has a sort of pink gold pearl finish. I really love it. The bronze metallic color on the end is super pigmented as well. 

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The darker matte shades are fairly pigmented, and there's a good bit of color variation in the mattes as well.

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The gold in this palette goes on SUPER gold and really pretty. 

So far I'm pretty happy with this palette. The metallic colors do go on better than the mattes, but aside from that, it's a really good mix of brown tones with a pretty equal number of lights and darks. I'm not sure on the staying power of these, but since it's a drug store brand, I would definitely recommend a primer.
Hope this was helpful to anyone who was interested in this palette! If you guys like this stuff, let me know and I can do some more makeup reviews from paraben-free products.

Love love,