-Thrifted or older clutch that you're okay with possibly messing up
-Embroidery needle with a large eye
-Thick thread in your chosen colors
-A picture for reference

After that it's pretty self explanatory. I did my design free hand, but if you're new to needle point then you may want to just tack a pattern onto your bag with a fine point pen or something. Also, if you're planning mounted deer antlers, make sure you mirror it on both sides so it doesn't look misshapen. Make your design as big or as small as you want! Don't feel boxed in by the antler idea: if it's not your thing, try a floral pattern or even a favorite saying. The possibilities are endless. I hope you try this tutorial out :)


-Shirt of basic color/pattern
-Stencil letters. Mine are from Hobby Lobby. They were five dollars and I've already used them for three projects.
-Black spray paint. Go to Home Depot. They have the beautiful gift of 99 cent black and white spray paint. 

 It's pretty easy from there! Just lay down your letters and spray :) Make sure you are, of course, doing this in a well ventilated area, where there is no way to stain anything important. Like, I don't know, outside.
I hope you have fun with the idea!


Bohemian Braided Headband

Brown leather (You can get it in HUGE packs at Hobby Lobby's leather working section)
Sharp scissors
Tiny rubber bands


1: Cut your leather into thin, long strips. Even if you want your headband pretty thick, trust me. It all adds up at the end. Thinner leather will braid easily, while thicker leather will not. A tip on length! Make sure you cut the leather at a very long length. Like around your head almost twice. When braiding anything, it'll obviously become much shorter.

2: To Braid your headband, take all three strands and put them together at the same length. Have a friend hold the end, duct tape it to a table, or hold it between two of your toes if you're classy enough. Braid the leather like your would anything else, but make sure the links stay pretty much the same size throughout. Otherwise it'll look a little silly.

3: Once you get done with the braid, hold both ends tightly. Now take your tiny black rubber bands and wrap them around one end several times, as if you putting up a ponytail. Repeat on the other end, and then repeat again with two other tiny rubber bands. I use this method instead of sewing or glue, mainly because I HATE SEWING LEATHER. I hate it. I really don't have any thick needles just lying around, and this leather that I have is too thick for a glue job. And the rubber bands really do the job.

4: Take the two tails of the braid, and wrap it around your head to measure. Now hold it as you take it off.

5: Take another rubber band and tie it around the tails. This will keep it as a circle.

You're done!! Wear it, love it, have fun with it.

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